Broken Garage Doors Can Cause Serious and Sporadic Harm

Although garage doors may seem harmful, there are many different injuries that can result from misuse. One of the most common types of these injuries is pinched fingers and falling doors. The average weight of a garage door is 400 pounds, so the result of a potential accident could be disastrous. Aside from that, there is a 1000 pound-pressure spring compressed in the garage which could gain very dangerous velocities if released. Please be sure to ensure that schedule a garage door inspection with us to make sure you are not at risk of getting any sudden injuries due to faulty garage door components.

Keep Your Children Away From Garage Doors

The first rule of garage injury prevention is to never let young children operate the garage, as they are not toys. Make it clear to young children that they should always ask permission if they need the garage open. Other alternatives could be children using the front door to avoid garage use altogether. It is important to hide the garage door opener, and if the remote is mounted make sure it’s out of the reach of small children.

Ensure Your Garage Remote Has A Reverse Safety Key

All garage door openers should have a reverse safety mechanism. This means that if something or someone was in the way of the garage door it would immediately open back up once in contact with the object. Test this feature out by placing paper-towel rolls where the garage would meet the floor. When it contacts the rolls it should open right back up. If this feature of the garage door is not working properly have it fixed right away. On top of this, always make sure you know how to use the garage door’s emergency release feature. The garage manual should cover this feature.

Simple Garage Safety Tips

Of course, never let children play with or around the garage door, and always make sure it closes and opens safely. Always never make contact with the garage door while it is operating, doing so otherwise can cause pinching and smashing of fingers. Annual checkups should always be done to make sure the garage door is operating safely. Any minor damages or accidents to the garage door should also be checked. Never work on a garage door if you don’t know what you are doing, as that 1000 pound-pressure spring can kill someone. Using these tips can keep both children and people of all ages safe.