Broken Spring Repair

There are few things that are more frustrating than a broken or faulty garage door. Every day, you rely on your garage door for convenience and security. When it stops working, it’s more than just a big deal.

Trust in an expert for garage door spring repair in Fort Lauderdale. Our service will help protect your home and family.

There are various ways that a garage door can fail, but broken springs are among the most common. Learn the warning signs that show your springs are failing, get information about the repair process, and find out how Garage Door Pros’ can get your door back in top condition.

We are a fully licensed and bonded company, and our techs are highly trained to ensure that our service is the best in Florida. Talk to us today for affordable garage door springs repair.

Trust in an expert for garage door spring repair in Fort Lauderdale. Our service will help protect your home and family.

The Warning Signs That Show it’s Time for Garage Door Springs Repair

Problems with garage door springs can develop over time. However, unlike sudden catastrophic failure, springs will usually start to show signs of wear, which indicates that it’s time to call a garage door repair service team.

Look for the warning signs, and you’ll know exactly when to call a Florida garage door broken springs repair team.

  • Excessive Noise From your garage Door – There’s no such thing as a silent garage door, no matter what the marketing tells you. A door in good condition should produce a slight whirr along with some mechanical noise raises and lowers. There’s nothing excessive about a garage door that’s in good health. When you do start to notice unusual or excessive noise, it’s usually a sign that something has gone wrong. If you hear grinding, knocking, or pinging sounds from your springs, then it’s time for an inspection. We have you covered with our broken spring repair Fort Lauderdale service.
  • Your Door Is Unbalanced When Opening or Closing – A garage door should always be balanced to prevent damage and the risk of the door suddenly falling. When everything’s working properly, the door should open and close evenly on both sides. If your door is leaning towards any particular side, your springs could be damaged. Call one of our technicians for broken spring repair in Fort Lauderdale.
  • Other Problems when Opening or Closing – If your door is moving slowly, if it opens or closes in stops and starts, or if it fails to open or close (even intermittently), it’s time to talk to a professional. With an experienced team at Garage Door Pros’, you can quickly address garage door problems and secure your home.

Don’t ignore the warning signs. Even if the problem appears minor, it will usually get worse over time. Talk to a team of professionals and enjoy complete peace of mind.

Don’t ignore the warning signs of faulty garage door springs.

The Risks of Not Repairing Your Garage Door

We’ve talked about how a garage door is so important for convenience at your home. Beyond having a practical purpose, your garage door offers security. If you want to keep your family safe and your home protected, you will need to keep your door maintained and in top condition.

Here are the risks that you can avoid when you talk to Garage Door Pros’ for broken spring repair in Florida.

  • A faulty garage door is a security risk. If your door doesn’t close or lock properly, then your home could become a target for opportunistic thieves. Criminals often target homes with faulty garage doors. Protect your family and your possessions by talking to an expert garage door service team today.
  • If you notice problems with your door and don’t call for broken spring repair in Fort Lauderdale, you will be at a higher risk of injury when entering or exiting your garage. A door could fall on you, a family member, or pets. A falling door could also damage your car, causing thousands of dollars in damage. Falling doors are ranked second in total garage door injuries caused per year. Avoid the risk with the help of a professional service.
  • Damaged springs could cause unnecessary stress to your door and its moving parts. This could wear the parts down quickly, leading to the need for a complete garage door replacement. All doors will fail eventually, but it makes sense to prolong your investment. Avoid early failure when you call our technicians for inspection and service.

The Professional Touch When You Need Broken Spring Repair in Fort Lauderdale

Garage Door Pros’ will send an experienced technician to your home to inspect, repair, and secure your garage door. You can have broken spring repair performed along with other services like general maintenance and sensor replacement.

We are a fully licensed and bonded company, and our techs are highly trained to ensure that our service is the best in Florida. If you suspect you need broken spring repair or any other form of garage door service in Fort Lauderdale, it’s time to talk to the best.

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