Electric Garage Door Opener Repair and Replacement in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

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There are few things worse than getting ready to start the day, only to find that your electric garage door opener is not working. Most of us will experience something like this throughout a lifetime of homeownership. Whether you need your electric garage door opener repaired, replaced entirely, or you need a new motor installed, you can rely on the experts at the Garage Door Pros’.

You prepare for your day, jump into your car, and then hit the button on your remote. Rather than the usual whirr of the opener and light streaming through the garage door as it opens, you are met with silence and frustration.

It’s not quite the end of the world. You can open your door manually and lock it from inside. It is, however, a major inconvenience. You’ll want to book Fort Lauderdale garage door repair immediately.

A faulty electric garage door opener can disrupt your daily routine. Let Garage Door Pros’ help you keep one of your home’s most important components functional.

    Common Causes of Faults with an Electric Garage Door Opener

    There are several problems that can lead to a faulty electric garage door opener. They can range from electric to mechanical, and you will need a Fort Lauderdale garage door repair service to troubleshoot the underlying cause.

    Common issues include:

    • A faulty remote, or faulty receiver within the garage door opener.
    • Loss of power to the electric motor.
    • Wiring is loose or burnt.
    • A capacitor has failed.
    • A fuse on the electric motor circuit board has blown.
    • The electric motor or other working parts within the unit have failed.
    • There are misaligned garage door sensors.
    • There are other electro-mechanical issues that will require expert troubleshooting.

    The most important thing to understand is that garage door service requires the attention of a trained technician. It can be difficult and in most cases dangerous to attempt repairs on your own. If you’ve found yourself in an unfortunate situation where your garage door doesn’t open or close automatically, it’s time to talk to the team at Garage Door Pros’.

    Symptoms of a Faulty Electric Garage Door Opener

    Garage door opener repair

    Not every garage door repair in Fort Lauderdale is linked to a complete failure. You may notice intermittent problems or warning signs that your system is starting to fail. It’s important to watch for these signs. Failing to book a service visit could result in a complete failure, damage to your vehicle, or injury to people and pets.

    Call Garage Door Pros’ if you notice:

    • Your garage door sticking in the open or closed position, requiring a reset of your system or manual operation.
    • Your door doesn’t open or close smoothly, but rather stops and starts in awkward motions.
    • Your springs or cables are showing signs of physical wear.
    • Your garage door opens suddenly with a violent motion, or falls quickly and dangerously when it closes.
    • Your remote works on some days but is inoperable on others.
    • You notice unusual grinding or whining noises from mechanical parts or the electric opener unit.

    Our highly trained technicians will provide complete inspection service to get to the underlying issue. We provide safe and effective garage door electric motor repairs so you can feel safe and secure in your home.

    Electric motor inspections and repairs cover:

    • The control panel, remotes, and keyless entry devices.
    • Boom and trolley assembly.
    • Safety eyes/sensors.
    • Motors and gears.
    • Bell wire.
    • Reverse and limit switches.
    • Force settings of your motor.

    Trust a team of experienced Fort Lauderdale garage door service professionals.

    To keep your garage door functional and safe from complete failure, you need to regularly lookout for warning signs and get the opener serviced.

    Our Garage Door Inspection Service

    Garage Door -7

    We leave nothing up to chance when performing inspections and garage door repairs in Fort Lauderdale.

    In addition to addressing the root cause of your electric door opener problem, we will also carry out a multi-point safety check to ensure that your door keeps working smoothly for the months and years to come.

    Our inspection covers door balance, springs, cables, safety wires, bearings, pulleys, forks, and shafts. We will also check that there is no damage or excessive wear on hinges, brackets, struts, weather seals, rollers, and tracks. We will even check the condition of your garage door panel and let you know when it’s approaching the end of life.

    Our repairs, along with preventative maintenance, will save you money in the long term.

    Book Electric Garage Door Opener Repair Today

    Whether your door is not working at all, or if you’ve spotted signs and symptoms that it’s starting to fail, you can get a quick response and professional service from Garage Door Pros’.

    We are experienced in electric garage door opener repairs for all makes and models. We also offer tune-up services to protect your system from premature damage and failure.

    Your garage door is more than just a daily convenience. The FBI reports a decrease in property crime, but a faulty garage door can still be targeted by opportunistic thieves. For peace of mind, get a free estimate and book a technician from Garage Door Pros’ today

    Book electric garage door opener inspection and repair services in Fort Lauderdale and enjoy ongoing convenience from your home’s main entry point.

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