Broken Garage Door System Sensors

Broken garage door sensor repair

It’s a great morning. You’re awake on time, got a good breakfast in you and a nice, snazzy outfit on. You head to your garage and climb in your car, press the button on your keyless entry remote and wait as the door opens.You pull out of the garage then press the button again and…Nothing.

The garage door doesn’t budge, no matter how many times you press the button. And it’s then that you realize your door’s sensors aren’t working.

While there are plenty of areas around the home where doing it yourself makes sense, the garage door is not something that can be easily serviced by the end-user. Contact a professional team for broken garage door sensor repair today.

Garage door sensors are crucial to modern garage doors because they can detect when something is obstructing the door, sending a signal to the opener system that allows the door to open and shut. This simple and elegant design has saved many people from injury and prevented damage to cars and property. When considering that garage doors are a leading cause of household injury, it only makes sense that you should have any problems fixed immediately.

How Garage Door Sensors Work

Garage door sensors work by way of “eyes” that emit a beam of infra-red light. Garages have two sensors, one on either side of the door. Both of them need to be working for the garage door to function safely. This means that their infra-red beams must be aligned. If one or both of the sensors aren’t working, you’ll need to call a garage door service company to troubleshoot the problem.

Sometimes, the problem with the sensors will be as simple as dirty lenses that can be professionally cleaned. In other cases, the two garage door sensors might be out of alignment. Other problems are more involved and may require expert assessment from the team at Garage Door Pros’. There might be problems with the wiring caused by deterioration or rodent/insect infestation. Water damage can even cause problems, leading to corrosion and shorting of the wires that lead to your sensors.

No matter the underlying cause, you need to get your garage working again. Your automatic door is not just a modern convenience; it’s a security feature for your home. A door left open is essentially an invitation to thieves. Talk to Garage Door Pros’ and enjoy reliable broken garage door sensors repair today.

Garage door sensors prevent accidents and injuries at your home. When they stop working, your door becomes a major inconvenience. Get help from South Florida’s best garage door service company.

    South Florida’s Best Garage Door Repair Company

    Bad garage door sensor fixing

    Serving the entire South Florida Community since 2012, the certified experts at Garage Door Pros’ are trained in all aspects of garage door installationrepair, and maintenance.

    From fixing broken springs to troubleshooting faulty garage opener systems to detecting bad sensors, we have your needs covered. And after the major work is done, we’ll keep you on track with one of our maintenance and garage door tune-up plans, ensuring you don’t have any major issues to deal with in the future.

    From garage door sensor alignment and repair to faulty sensor replacement, our team of experts has your needs covered.

    How Our Team Performs Broken Garage Door Sensor Repairs

    A broken garage door sensor can be frustrating to deal with. Your first reaction might be to attempt a DIY repair. While there are plenty of areas around the home where doing it yourself makes sense, the garage door is not something that can be easily serviced by the end-user.

    Sensors can be safely checked for dust and debris, but if simply wiping off the sensors doesn’t result in a fully functioning door, you will need to talk to expert garage door service techs near you.

    Our process is thorough, and aided by years of industry experience and training for every one of our technicians. When you call for broken garage door sensor repair, our service team will:

    • Ensure that nothing is obstructing sensors.
    • Check lenses for debris or damage that is blocking light.
    • Check that the garage door remote is functioning
    • Inspect the wiring to determine if there is a short or break in the connection.
    • Check all mechanical and electrical parts of your garage door system to detect faults.
    • Determine repair or replacement steps and perform them immediately.

    Potential fixes can include rewiring, replacing a sensor, or repairing another part of your garage door that is causing the problem. Even if sensors appear to be the issue, it’s common to find that there’s another fault further back in the system. Homeowners are not experienced in detecting these problems.

    Trust in a team of professionals so you can have peace of mind knowing that the repair is performed safely and efficiently.

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    Your garage door secures your home and gives you convenient access whenever you need it. Don’t ignore the symptoms of faulty garage door sensors, even if problems are intermittent.

    Garage Door Pros’ can dispatch technicians 24/7 for emergency repairs, or, if the problem isn’t urgent, you can schedule a visit at your convenience.

    We have all of the tools, training, and equipment to perform long-lasting repairs in line with all industry standards.

    Call us now for a free broken garage door sensor estimate, and get your home back in order.

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