Replacement vs. Garage Door Repair in Weston

Every day, you take your garage door for granted. With just a simple press of your remote, you enjoy convenient access to your home and a quick way to lock up in the mornings without ever having to leave your car.

Of course, this all falls apart when your garage door has a problem. More than an inconvenience, a faulty garage door leaves your home compromised and open to intruders and opportunistic thieves.

Any time you have issues with your garage door, you need to make an important decision. Is it time for replacement, or is Weston garage door repair enough to secure your home and prevent further damage?

This guide will help you to make the right choice.

Signs That You Need Garage Door Repair in Weston

In most cases, complete garage door replacement isn’t necessary. You can address many of the most common garage door faults with cost-effective maintenance and repairs.

One problem frequently experienced by homeowners is a garage door that suddenly stops opening and closing. The problem may be instantaneous and permanent, or, in some cases, only intermittent. While this problem requires immediate attention, a Weston garage door repair company can typically fix it within a day.

Photo-eye sensors, located on either side of your garage door, are often the cause of a door that won’t open or close.  These sensors must align perfectly to keep the door functioning. When they fail or are out of alignment, your door won’t open and close under its own power. This is a safety feature to prevent damage and injury. You will still be able to close or open your garage door manually, and you can secure it with a padlock from inside.

If sensors aren’t the issue, the problem can be with your remote control or the opening mechanism. Check that the power to your door opener is switched on and try replacing the batteries in your remote control. You can often fix a simple power or remote issue without needing to call for Weston garage door repairs.

Obstructions in your garage door tracks can also cause failures. Check for any debris that you can remove with a blower or stiff brush. However, when your tracks are bent or otherwise deformed, call a professional right away.

Other common problems include screeching, or jarring movements as the door is opening and closing. These issues are usually mechanical in nature and require inspection. However, they can typically be resolved with maintenance and replacement parts, saving you the cost of a whole new garage door system.

Signs That It’s Time for Garage Door Replacement

Replacement vs. Garage Door Repair in Weston

While most situations only call for Weston garage door service, there will eventually come a time where a complete replacement is necessary. Additionally, many homeowners choose to replace their garage door for aesthetic reasons, such as during a home renovation or remodeling project.

When you aren’t happy with the appearance of your garage door, a complete replacement can give you the look that you desire. Your garage is a prominent feature, which is why you should never underestimate the real estate value of a garage addition.  

When a storm or vehicle impact significantly damages your door, a replacement is often your best option. A physically damaged garage door is less secure, and its appearance invites opportunistic thieves onto your property. Broken panels can also cause the door to fall unexpectedly, resulting in personal injury or damage to your vehicle.

When your garage door is older than 20 years old, it lacks many of the modern safety innovations and redundant systems that improve reliability. While you should always give your garage door some respect, regardless of its age, an average number of opening and closing cycles upwards of 1,500 per year means that at some point, it is more economical to replace your garage door system rather than pay for repairs every other month. Our Weston garage door repair experts can make recommendations based on the age and condition of your garage door.

Get Expert Advice from Professional Weston Garage Door Service Techs

Whether you want to address visible damage or functional problems with your garage door, professional Weston garage door repair services are the best way to proceed.

In South Florida, Garage Door Pros is the company to call. Our certified techs are fully licensed, bonded, and insured, giving you complete peace of mind when servicing your garage door. We can address sudden and long-term progressive faults, leaving you with a door that is both convenient and secure. We also offer garage door installation services so you can get a cost-effective replacement when yours reaches the end of its life.

Talk to us today and enjoy the best Weston garage door repair services in the area.