Garage door opener problems are the most common kind of electric garage door repair. Because they control the general functioning of your garage door, they are always a good place to start when problems occur.

Common garage door opener problems include:-

  • Faulty wiring
  • Worn out parts
  • Dead batteries
  • Blocked and misaligned sensors
  • Burnt out fuses and motor
  • Unplugged motors
  • Remote-control frequency disruption
  • Faulty logic boards

Luckily, our competent team at Garage Door Pros can expediently resolve the above and any other electric garage door problems in no time at all.

Types of Garage Door Openers

There are four main types of garage door openers, each with advantages that make them suitable for different needs and circumstances.

  1. Belt Drive
    A belt-drive, such as the LiftMaster belt-drive garage door opener, uses a steel wire-reinforced composite-rubber belt and trolleys with toothed cogs to raise and lower your garage door. The way that a belt drive-opener works allows it to have very little mechanical vibration and low noise levels. It also has fewer moving parts, which minimizes the need for maintenance and electric garage door repair. A belt drive usually comes with a battery backup that you can connect to the internet. The downside to this type of garage door opener is that they are slightly expensive, complex to install, and somewhat susceptible to extreme weather.
  2. Chain Drive
    Garage Door Opener In Broward County

    Chain-Drive Electric Garage Door Openers feature a Stainless Steel Chain

    Chain-driven garage openers are the most affordable option of the four. However, these garage door openers are also the noisiest. They have a metal chain that drives the trolley that lowers and raises your garage door. Due to their use of multiple components, chain-drive garage openers require more maintenance, especially lubrication, to avoid rust. They are easy to install and often reliable. They do not come with a backup battery.

  3. Screw DriveThe Ryobi Garage Door Opener is an excellent example of a mechanism employing a screw-drive. A screw-drive opener features a rotating metal screw rod that moves a trolley. The trolley then raises or lowers your garage door. It has a quiet operation and few moving parts, which is why a screw-drive opener needs lubrication only two times a year. Unfortunately, your trade-off for its smooth and silent operation is higher initial cost and sensitivity to temperature fluctuations.
  4. Direct Drive

    Direct-Drive Electric Garage Door Openers neither use a Chain nor Belt

    As the name suggests, the direct driven motor does not use any belt, screw, or chain to move the door. A single powerful DC motor handles the opening and closing functions. It also makes use of sensors for automatic operation. A direct-drive garage door opener, such as the

  5. Marantec Garage Door Opener, is quite sturdy, almost maintenance-free, and near noiseless compared to its counterparts. It is, however, the most expensive choice.

Parts of an Electric Garage Door Opener

A garage door opener, such as the Stanley garage door opener, features several individual components. These components work in functional groups to ensure the safe and smooth opening and closing of your garage door. Here are some of the main garage door opener parts:

  1. Battery

    A Backup Battery allows the Functioning of Electric Garage Door Openers in the absence of Grid Power

    Most modern garage openers come with a backup battery, usually with 12-volt capacity in the motor unit. In case of a power outage, the backup battery runs the motor, enabling the door to open and close.
    You can buy a genuine LiftMaster garage door opener battery or any other branded battery from Garage Door Pros.

  2. AC Motor/DC Motor
    The function of these motors is to provide the torque needed to lift and lower the garage door. The only difference is the power source, and some garage doors have both options.
  3. Belt
    The belt conveys power from the motor puller to the trolley track onto which the garage door is mounted. Thus, the belt moves the trolley to raise and lower the garage door.
  4. Drive and Worm Gear Kit

    Remotes allow Convenient Operation of Electric Garage Doors

    Drive and worm gears are what turn the sprocket, which in turn moves the trolley along the rail and raises and lowers the garage door. It also serves to protect the motor unit from damage should the garage door jam suddenly and stop working.You can find any drive and worm gear kit at Garage Door Pros. We stock several replacement kits, including the Stanley garage door opener front idler complete pulley assembly.

  5. Motor UnitThe motor unit sits at the back of the garage door, and because it houses the DC/AC motor, switches, and lights as well as the logic boards, it is the central control unit of the garage door opener. You can find entire motor units or specific components, such as Marantec garage door opener parts, at Garage Door Pros.
  6. Remote

    Remotes allow Convenient Operation of Electric Garage Doors

    A handheld garage door remote, such as the Marantec garage door opener program transmitter, is a device that uses radiofrequency to send open and close prompts to a receiver on a garage door opener. On receiving the signal, the motor unit opens or closes the garage door. At Garage Door Pros, we stock garage door remote control units from all major brands, including the Marantec unit mentioned above and the Craftsman universal garage door opener remote.

  7. Wireless KeypadThis part functions in the same manner as a remote, but instead of being a handheld unit, keypads are typically mounted on the side of your home. Keypads require you to enter a code on the console for the door to open. Garage Door Pros stocks several branded wireless keypads, including the LiftMaster garage door opener keypad and the Marantec wireless keyless entry system for garage door openers.
  8. Travel Limit SwitchThe travel limit switch is a sensor that detects the location of your garage door, which notifies the motor when to stop. If the garage door is fully open or closed, the sensor alerts the motor, and it stops running.
  9. Logic board
    garage door opener logic board.

    The Logic Board ensures the Automatic Functioning of an Electric Garage Door Opener

    The logic board is the main control board for the opener functions. It detects the signals from the remotes and sensors and sends the voltage to the drive motor to open and close your garage door. Garage Door Pros stocks several branded logic boards, including the Craftsman garage door opener logic board.

  10. Safety Sensor Kit
    The safety sensor kit consists of photoelectric eyes that send and receive functions, wiring and wiring connectors, and mounting hardware. Safety sensors are installed at the bottom of the garage door travel rails in such a way that any object that blocks their path, such as an animal, a person, or a vehicle, returns the garage door to a fully open position until the path is clear. You can find any branded sensor kit, such as the Craftsman garage door opener sensor kit, at Garage Door Pros.

How Do You Know Your Garage Door Opener Needs Fixing?

Being able to troubleshoot garage door issues early ensures problems don’t worsen and become a safety concern to you and your family. This can also significantly decrease the costs of electric garage door repair. Luckily, Garage Door Pros offers several troubleshooting-related services, including:

  • Marantec 4500 garage door opener troubleshooting
  • Chamberlain garage door opener troubleshooting
  • Liftmaster commercial garage door opener troubleshooting
  • Ryobi garage door opener app troubleshooting

The expert and experienced crew from our garage door repair company can determine precisely what ails your electric garage door. Below are common indicators of a defective garage door opener:

  1. Excessive Noise
    While several garage door models make noise when in operation, any increase in noise or weird sounds when opening and closing the door may indicate that your garage door opener is struggling to function, or there are loose parts that need fixing.
  2. Sluggish Movement
    Any change in the smooth operation of your door, including stutters when opening or closing, points to a severe problem. In scenarios involving this particular problem, you may have to hold down the wall switch for the garage door to completely open or close.
  3. Outdated Technology
    South Florida Garage Door Replacement

    Old Garage Doors often Require an Upgrade to Restore Optimal Functionality

    If you keep having problems with your garage door and you have had it for more than 15 years, your door opener could be using outdated technology, and it is time for you to consider a complete overhaul.
    Fortunately, our competent crewmen from Garage Door Pros are versed in the latest electric garage door opener technologies. Some of the upgrades that we provide to our clients include:

    • Old genie garage door opener remote replacement
    • MARANTEC Garage Door Opener M13-631 Wireless Keyless Entry 315MHz
    • Ryobi ultra-quiet 2 hp belt drive garage door opener
    • Craftsman garage door opener remote replacement
    • Craftsman garage door opener gear and sprocket replacement
    • Chamberlain garage door remote opener
    • Chamberlain garage door opener keypad
    • LiftLiftmaster wi-fi garage door opener

    When you hire our team at Garage Door Pros to upgrade your existing garage door, you can rest assured that you are getting the best and latest garage door opener technology.

  4. Unreliability
    When your garage door begins working intermittently or at times opens but fails to close, does not work, or keeps losing power, its operation is no longer reliable. In this situation, you need someone to check the garage door opener components to identify the problem and repair your electric garage door.
  5. Fails to Function Completely
    If a garage door won’t open entirely, the garage door opener is the first place to look, especially when there are no other structural complications like weak springs. When your garage door fails to open or close despite changing remote batteries or using the wall keypad, you should seek professional and expert garage door opener repair services from Garage Door Pros.

Common Causes of Electric Garage Door Repairs

Most garage door opener problems typically arise from a minor issue with one component. When left unchecked, the problem worsens until the faulty component starts interfering with the function of other parts. The leading causes are:

  1. Poor maintenance
    Garage Door Maintenance

    Garage Door Pros offers Preventive Electric Garage Door Maintenance

    A lack of regular maintenance can cause the door to open inconsistently, fail to open at all, cause other parts like sensors to fail, and lead to a misaligned and imbalanced door. Preventative maintenance allows for adjusting and repairing bent or out of place sections and lubrication of bearings and other moving parts for smooth and quiet functioning.

  2. Worn Out Parts
    Worn out parts like belts and tracks cause many problems, including a noisy garage door, difficulty in closing and opening, and partial function. Worn out gears mean you end up using a lot of power, and the tension can easily lead to damaged springs and other defects.
    In the vast majority of scenarios, the outright replacement of defective parts is necessary for the optimal functioning of your garage door opener. Luckily, you can get all the replacement parts you need from Garage Door Pros. Some of the garage door opener spare parts we carry include:

    Garage Door Sensor Replacement

    Faulty Sensors are a Major Cause of Electric Garage Door Issues

    • Chamberlain garage door opener parts
    • Genie garage door opener parts
    • Genie garage door opener keypad
    • Genie belt drive garage door opener
    • Liftmaster jackshaft garage door opener
    • LiftMaster garage door opener parts
  3. Malfunctioning Sensors
    Malfunctioning or broken sensors cause the most need for electric garage door repair, including making the door work intermittently and reverse when closed. In extreme cases, they can even make the door fail to open completely. Sensors can be damaged or misaligned and either fail to send or receive signals or send the wrong ones, especially when the photo-eye is blocked.
  4. Faulty WiringFaulty wiring can cause electrical problems in the controlling unit of the garage door opener. The motor unit can burn out or trip a circuit breaker. It is also possible for the motor unit to get unplugged. If a garage door opens by itself, faulty wiring may be the culprit.
  5. Signal InterferenceSignal interference affects the working of the remote, keypad, wall switch unit, and the opener’s receiver. It makes the garage door opener work intermittently, not respond at all, and even operate on its own.Signal interference occurs due to electromagnetic emissions from other devices, including radio-controlled toys, remote-controlled appliances such as AC units, and neighboring remote-controlled garage door opener units.The latter scenario is why you should ensure the frequency of your garage door remote varies from all nearby radio-controlled devices. Luckily, hiring our expert and experienced crew from Garage Doors Pros ensures your remote-controlled garage door operates free from all possible signal interference.
  6. Faulty Logic Control BoardThe logic control board issues commands to other parts, and hence a faulty board will affect the regular functioning of your door. Common symptoms of a malfunctioning garage door opener logic circuit include:
    • Genie garage door opener remote not working
    • Genie garage door won’t open
    • Chamberlain garage door opener remote not working
    • Liftmaster garage door won’t open
    • Liftmaster garage door opener wall button flashing
    • Craftsman garage door opener works only after lights are turned off
    • Craftsman garage door opener opens by itself
    • Craftsman garage door opener won’t close
    Garage Door Logic Board Replacement

    A Burnt-Out Logic Board Requires Replacement with Identical or Compatible Boards

    When no physical defects are detectable, a defective logic control board will require reprogramming by a professional. On the other hand, material defects such as cracks on the circuit board and burnt-out components necessitate the replacement of the faulty logic board with an identical or compatible one. Luckily, our crew at Garage Door Pros features seasoned experts experienced in troubleshooting logic board faults from all major garage door opener brands.

  7. Manufacturer Error
    The manufacturing and assembly process of garage door openers can be a source of problems. Some of the issues arise either due to new technology not working as it should or changes in design result in electronic faults. In some instances, the problems can be widespread and lead to recalls. In others, the fault appears after a period of use and may not be extensive enough to warrant a recall.
  8. Poor Installation
    Garage Door Installation

    Professional Garage Door Pros Crew carry out Error-Free Installation of Electric Garage Doors

    Using the wrong approach and not following the provided installation manuacan lead to immediate or delayed garage door opener problems. When installing the garage door or the garage door opener parts, it is better to use the services of a certified and experienced garage door company. At  Garage Door Pros, our team is certified, competent, and experienced at garage door installation and repair.

Picking the Right Garage Door Opener

Beyond all aspects of quality, you need to choose a garage door that meets your needs and fits with the general aspects of your garage. Here are the factors that can help you with your decision.

1. Selecting the Drive Option

Ultimately, the drive option determines the overall cost of your garage door opener, how much noise it makes, and the maintenance required. Of the major types, a chain-drive is the most economical, but the noisiest. A belt-drive, such as the Craftsman belt drive garage door opener, lies in the middle for both price and sound.  Lastly, a direct-drive garage door opener, while the most expensive, is also the quietest.

2.Horsepower Option

Garage Door Horsepower Option

The Power Rating of an Electric Garage Door Opener Depends on the Motor

Garage door openers have horsepower options ranging from 1/3 hp to 1 hp. The power you need depends on the weight of your garage door. Most standard doors are sufficiently served with 1/2 hp units, such as the Craftsman 1/2 hp ac series 100 garage door opener.

However, solid wood garage doors or those with heavy insulation may need up to 3/4 hp. 1 hp openers are mainly for industrial doors, and the extra power is not worth the cost on standard garage doors. It is worth noting that more powerful garage door openers tend to last longer.

  1. Backup Power
    Backup power is an essential part of a garage door since it maintains the safety and ease of automatic operation even without electricity at home. It does come at an extra cost, though, and if your budget is tight, you may have to stick with the standard operation features that come with your opener at no additional charge.
  2. Rolling Code Technology
    Rolling code technology is a modern security feature that ensures your garage door never shares a security code with another. Older models used to make it easy for neighbors to share codes and burglars and thieves could easily guess them or use listening devices.Modern doors allow the remote and receiver to generate new and different codes from a billion options every time you use the technology. An excellent example of a garage door opener employing advanced rolling-code technology is the Genie Intellicode garage door opener system.
  3. Brand and Price
    Brand and price indicate how much you can spend and on what. While there are many brands in the market, it is prudent to invest in a trusted and reputable brand. While your budget may limit the features you get, the right brand will ensure durability and ease of maintenance.
  4. Features
    Features play directly into the value or your opener. More features will equal a higher price tag.   However, you should never trade features for quality. Additionally, you should ensure the functions you choose add convenience to the door’s operation and improve either safety or security.

Top Garage Door Brands

While there are many garage door brands with varying prices and features, it is crucial to stick to known brands with a reputation for quality products. Doing this assures you sufficient warranties, durable spares, and excellent craftsmanship. Below are the top garage door opener brands to consider.


LiftMaster has been around for over 45 years and belongs to the Chamberlain Group. As such, it shares individual designs with the Chamberlain brand of openers, and their parts are interchangeable. LiftMaster is known for its innovative tech, especially in performance, connectivity, and security. One of its best products is the LiftMaster 8550 garage door opener.


Craftsman is another brand with an association with Chamberlain Group. While the group does not own them, it does make them on behalf of retail giant Sears. They have excellent connectivity options like Assuredlink, which allows you to control the garage door with a mobile or laptop device using the internet. You can find a wide range of Sears Craftsman garage door opener parts at Garage Door Pros. The Craftsman 315 garage door opener is one of the most popular series from this company.


The Genie Company has been in the business since 1954, starting first as Alliance Manufacturing company in Ohio, US.  It has since changed its name, but its illustrious list of products continues and are known for their patented technology like GenieSense Monitoring and Diagnostic Technology and Genie Safe T-Beam.


Stanley garage door openers are no longer made as the company sold this division to another company, which has since gone bankrupt. However, products like the Stanley 7200 garage door opener are known for their sturdiness. Even though these openers are discontinued, you can still find quality Stanley garage door opener parts at Garage Door Pros.


Ryobi makes quality garage door openers and parts using the excellence of Japanese efficiency and ingenuity, as demonstrated by the Ryobi ultra-quiet garage door opener model gd 200. These openers feature a wide range of tools, and the Ryobi ultra-quiet 2 hp belt-drive garage door opener is one of the best in the business.


Chamberlain has one of the best portfolios in the business and is known for its powerful tools like the garage door opener 12v or 110v chamberlain models. This American brand has been in business for over forty years. Chamberlain garage door openers are user-friendly and feature a Chamberlain garage door opener learn button setup. You will, however, need professional help to sort out repairs and install Chamberlain garage door opener parts.


The final leading garage door opener is from Germany, and their innovation shows with their unique products for every type of garage door and need. The parts are also easy to source and have 6-month warranties. Much of their technological focus, like the Marantec wireless keyless entry system for garage door opener, is on convenience and saving energy.

How to Choose the Right Electric Garage Door Repair Service

When choosing an electric garage door repair service, consider the following:

  1. Proximity
    When selecting the right repair service, you want to pick one near you. A local business won’t charge you for travel costs, and it is easy to see their referrals and visit their offices. They are also familiar with the needs of your location, which increases their rate of responsiveness and service delivery.
  2. Experience
    You want to work with a proven company, so the number of years they have been in the business and the experience of their staff members is vital. The company should also have experience with the top models of garage openers , including any you are considering having installed. Additionally, they should be familiar with the various diagnostic processes like the LiftMaster garage door opener troubleshoot protocol.
  3. Reviews and Recommendations
    When it comes to services like garage door opener installation and repairs, it is helpful to get advice and recommendations from friends and relatives. You can also use the Better Business Bureau (BBB) ratings and online reviews, especially Facebook and Google reviews, to determine the reliability of the company.
  4. Interact with the Company
    You should interact with the companies on your shortlist on the phone and in-person to interview them and gauge their responsiveness. Additionally, you should check their referrals and see if they are willing to come on-site and provide an estimate. Go with the service that is the most responsive, follows up on inquiries, and demonstrates a clear understanding of your problem.


How do garage door openers work?

A garage door opener uses a radio transmission system to operate. When you press the button on the remote, keypad, or wall switch unit, it sends a signal to the inbuilt receiver in the opener. Upon receiving the signal, the opener activates a relay that turns on the motor, which then opens or closes the garage door.

How long do garage door openers last?

Garage doors are designed to a last a long time with ten to fifteen years being the average. With proper maintenance and care, it is possible to get up to twenty years from a quality opener. However, a lack of regular lubrication and proper door balancing will reduce an opener’s lifespan.

What is the best garage door opener?

Your choice for garage door openers depends on your needs, preferences, style of installation, and specific garage door. For example, the Genie Silentmax 750 3/4 HPC ultra-quiet belt drive garage door opener with wireless keypad is for those seeking a silent operation. On the other hand, the LiftMaster 8500 wall mount garage door opener is the best option when you need to mount the opener on a wall.

What garage door opener do I need?

You want a garage door opener that best matches your garage door needs. The opener should also be durable and require minimal maintenance.

What size of garage door opener do I need?

The size opener you need is mostly dependent on the weight of your garage door. The weight of a garage door is influenced by size and construction material.

What horsepower garage door opener do I need?

The horsepower of your garage door opener must be enough to lift and close your door without straining the springs, but also not so much that it lets extra power go to waste. For example, 1/3 horsepower openers work well with light garage doors. 1/2 horsepower openers are more common and work with standard doors while 3/4 and 1 horsepower openers are for heavy-duty garage doors. These stronger openers tend to last longer.

How many garage door openers can you program on  a LiftMaster?

The 3-button LiftMaster garage door opener remote can control up to three garage door openers and is compatible with all LiftMaster garage door openers manufactured since January 1993.

Where do I buy a LiftMaster garage door opener?

You can buy LiftMaster garage door openers directly on the manufacturer’s site, on the major online retail platforms like Amazon and from the over 4000 authorized dealers nationwide.

Who makes Craftsman garage door openers?

The Chamberlain Group manufactures craftsman garage door openers as private-label devices for Sears who sell them under their Craftsman brand.

How much does it cost to have a garage door opener installed?

Garage door installation costs range from $247 to $487, with the labor costing $127 to $199 and the opener units ranging from $120 to $288