Garage Door Pros’ Services Broken Garage Doors In Fort Lauderdale – Florida

Fort Lauderdale Garage Door Repair Service

Garage FL can service nearly any damaged garage door part, regardless of its brand or where you got it. Trying to fix a garage door yourself might be risky because of the spring tension. The Garage Door Pros’ garage door repair technicians are specialists; they have the skills and expertise necessary to fix your garage door professionally and safely.

Broken Springs Garage Door Repair

While the garage door opener is the most important garage door component, the garage springs perform the big task. These steel wires spin and unroll to create and release tension, allowing your garage to move easily up and down. In case your opener breaks down, you won’t be able to lift your door manually without it. Garage springs, on the other hand, frequently need to be repaired and maintained after years of use.

In a scenario where one of the springs in your garage door has broken, do not try to manually open or operate it. Moreover, do not try to repair or even handle a faulty torsion or extension spring. To solve any concerns involving faulty or broken garage door springs, contact our service technicians immediately.

Broken Motor Garage Door Repair

When a garage door won’t open or shut, it’s not always because something is up with the door, or any garage door component. It’s possible that the problem stems from a simple blunder with a faulty motor. In case of a power outage, the motor switch allows you to open the garage door without using the opener.

The cable that links to the motor switch can get trapped and yanked, deactivating the motor. In some cases, it could be due to human error. Have you ever pulled a cord or flipped a switch by accident? That particular activity could be the root of your issue. In case of such complications, you know who to turn to. At Garage FL, we got you covered. Just give us a call or schedule an appointment with our team of qualified professionals.

Off-track Garage Door Repair

The movement of the garage door can be slowed when either track gets slightly bent. The problem is likely to worsen as time passes. For example, a bend on either side is likely to pull on the door, putting pressure on the opposite side and thereby duplicating the matching track. You may hear a squeaking sound when the rollers move through the afflicted area when one or both tracks are bent. As it crosses this point, the door’s motion may slow slightly. As the months pass by, an issue like this can get out of hand, and the pressure of the door adds to the stress. If you suspect that your garage door tracks have become misaligned, contact our skilled service technicians right away.