Drove a Car Into Your Garage Door: Here’s What to Do in Miami-Dade

Miami-Dade Garage Door ServicesEvery year thousands of people drive their car or truck into the garage door. Sometimes it’s backing out of the garage that’s the issue. Either way, it can result in a complete mess! You won’t be able to repair all of the damage yourself. When this happens, call on Garage Door Pros’ to do the work.

Why do these mishaps occur? There are a number of reasons people give their insurance agent to explain the tragedy such as:

  • I got a phone call and got distracted
  • We were late and were in a hurry
  • It was just too dark to see well
  • I had a bad headache
  • The garage door was half-open
  • I couldn’t see people’s heads in the back seat
  • My child is a new driver – oh boy!
  • I had been drinking alcohol
  • The car slid on the ice
  • We were high on drugs

Do any of these sound familiar? If you haven’t damaged a door you probably know at least one person who has.

Replacing or repairing a large garage door yourself will most likely be above your skill level. Here are some good reasons why you should not attempt the project:

  • You can be seriously injured
  • It may end up costing you more
  • The track may need to be replaced also
  • You may cause more damage to the door
  • Springs, rollers, and cables may be ruined
  • The door frame may be wrecked
  • You may have damaged the electric parts
  • The door will be too heavy to manage
  • Someone could break into the garage and house

Who knows what else can become problems unless you let the pros fix the door. You can learn more about why you should avoid DIY Garage door installation by clicking here.

Call Garage Door Pros’ Right Away Before Something Else Goes Wrong

What if your door accident happens at night or on the weekend? Can you depend on someone to come to your rescue in Miami-Dade? The answer is yes! Garage Door Pros’ is open every day from 7:00 am to 12:00 am. We are on emergency call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for your convenience. We will respond promptly to assess the damage and get started on the repairs. 

Why Should You Let Garage Door Pros’ Do Your Work?

We know you want your garage door to work and lock properly. If you are like most people you keep a lot of valuable items in this space. A properly working door will keep them safer than one a thief can break into. We have been an industry leader in South Florida since 2012 in keeping garage doors functioning and earning more than 900 Five Star Reviews in the process.

In addition, we offer these advantages over competitors:

  • Trained and Certified professional staff
  • Installations – Repairs – Maintenance
  • Free estimates – home and business
  • Fast, safe, and reliable service
  • Price-Match Guarantee
  • Serve all of Broward County

We take no shortcuts in supplying the highest quality products/service and ensuring your safety. We will make ourselves available anytime and anywhere you need us in Miami-Dade.

What To Do In the Meantime

Miami-Dade Garage Door ServicesCall your insurance agent to report the incident. Keep your cars out of the way until the door is replaced and/or repaired. Do not try to open and close the door because you may cause damage to the car or injury to yourself. In the meantime stay away from broken cables or springs. Keep the kids and pets at a safe distance. Call us immediately for an estimate.

We’re here to serve the residents of the Miami-Dade area with a complete door system evaluation and repair services seven days a week. We are fair, reliable, and courteous in our relationships with all of our clients.