Noisy Garage Door Repair Service in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Garage Door Noise Reduction

An automatic garage door is a modern convenience that most people can’t live without. In addition to providing easy access to your home, a garage door also secures your property from trespass and theft.

However, like many of the features and appliances around your home, a garage door is not immune to breakdowns and other frustrating problems. A noisy garage door is more than just annoying. It can indicate a more serious problem that may lead to a breakdown or a dangerous fall.

Learn about the sounds a failing garage door makes, the causes, and how our garage door repair experts can help.

Prevent future problems with your garage by looking out for the warning signs. Here’s what you need to know before you book noisy garage door repair.

Types of Garage Door Noise and their Causes

No matter what a manufacturer tells you, there’s no ‘silent’ garage door opener mechanism. Even a healthy system will make some noise, whether it’s from the door panel moving up and down, or the electric motor whirring into action.

What you do need to be careful of is unusual sounds that are loud or otherwise abrasive. You know what your door sounds like when it’s working properly; anything else is a reason for concern.

The most common types of garage door noises and their causes include:

  • Banging when Opening or Closing – If your garage door closes or opens with a loud bang, it’s likely that the doors are unbalanced. This can put additional strain on all moving parts and requires noisy garage door repair in Fort Lauderdale.
  • Rattling and Shaking – Rattling sounds indicate that something has come loose from your garage door system. It could also be a sign of improper installation. The most common causes are poor lubrication and loose fittings. Garage Door Pros’ will inspect your system and perform an appropriate repair.
  • Harsh Scraping – Harsh scraping indicates that two parts are making contact when they shouldn’t. In most cases, this is caused by unbalanced garage doors. Talk to a repair technician as soon as possible. An unbalanced door could fail, and falling garage doors are a crushing concern.
  • Squeaking and Squealing – These sounds can be particularly frustrating and are often disruptive in homes (particularly in mornings and evenings.) A range of different issues can cause squeaking and squealing, but the most common are loose rollers and hinges, unbalanced doors, or insufficient lubrication.
  • Rubbing / Friction Noise – If you hear rubbing sounds coming from your garage door, the chances are that there’s a problem with your tracks. They could be bent, obstructed with plant matter or other debris, or they could even be too tight for the rollers that have been installed. Our noisy garage door repair service will isolate the problem and provide an efficient fix to get your door moving smoothly again.
  • Grinding – This is one of the most concerning sounds of all. It indicates that metal parts are making contact, and if the noise is particularly harsh, it could be causing serious damage. Grinding can start when lubrication breaks down, or if rollers or hinges have loosened over time. Another common cause of grinding is a stripped opener gear or trolley. Whatever the underlying issue is, grinding sounds should never be user-serviced. Call the professionals at Garage Door Pros’ for a complete diagnosis, repair, and tune-up.
  • Popping – Garage door springs can degrade over time. When they do, they can start to make popping sounds when the door is in motion. Don’t ignore this problem. Springs can break and may cause serious injury.

All the above sounds are signs that you need noisy garage door repair in Fort Lauderdale. Ignoring the warning signs can put your garage door and even the safety of your family at risk. As garage door parts break down, they are at higher risk of catastrophically failing. Falling garage doors are a leading cause of injury in the United States.

Garage Door Pros’ has you covered with a comprehensive garage door repair service that will eliminate unnecessary noise and protect the investment you’ve made in your home.

A noisy garage door is inconvenient, and it can also indicate a more serious underlying problem.

Book the Most Comprehensive Noisy Garage Door Service in Fort Lauderdale

At Garage Door Pros’, we do more than just eliminate noise. We are experienced in all aspects of garage door repair and service. In addition to correcting problems that lead to noise, we will inspect all your garage door parts to ensure that there are no issues that could become costly repairs in the future.

We are committed to providing fast, effective, and reliable noisy garage door repairs. We can respond to emergency callouts 24/7, or, you can schedule service when it’s convenient for you. All our technicians are highly trained, fully vetted, and our company is licensed and insured.

Your garage door can give you peace of mind by protecting a vulnerable access point for your home. Keep it running smoothly and eliminate frustration and inconvenience. Call us today for a free estimate and eliminate your noisy garage door symptoms.

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