There are many types of garage doors on the market today. Their differences range from their material, size, and how they open, and it’s important to take all of these options into account when you are looking into getting a new garage door installed. In this article, we have broken down all the options with their pros and cons to help you choose the best door for your garage.

Wood Garage Door

Many people prefer wood garage doors because of their undeniable elegance. However, they are not without their drawbacks.  Take a look.

  • Wood doors offer attractive customization options for your home in terms of color schemes or stains as well as types of timber.
  • A 1990 wooden door is still classy and timeless today. Wooden doors never look obsolete.
  • They’re stronger and harder to dent compared to other types of garage doors, such as aluminum.
  • They’re more energy-efficient than metal doors.


  • They are more expensive than other options, and even more so with extensive customization. A typical wood garage door will cost you between $1,300 and $2,900. While maintenance on wooden doors is easier than most, these doors do need maintenance more often to keep them looking their best.
  • Wood doors do not fare very well in extremely humid climates.

Custom Wood Garage Door

  • Some types of wood are heavier than others, and homeowners who choose this type of door may need to have stronger springs installed to make this type of door work.

Bottom Line: If you want a classy-looking door to complement your home that can stand the style test of time and don’t mind paying a little extra on the initial purchase, repairs, and maintenance, you should go for a wood garage door.

Ultimately, you shouldn’t allow the cons to discourage you if the pros have impressed you enough. Additionally, you can vastly minimize the costs of garage door installation, as well as maintenance, by choosing the right company. Garage Door Pros’ offers incredible garage door services in Hollywood and other cities across South Florida at reasonable prices.

Best Stain for Wood Garage Doors

When your wood door starts looking run down, you can complete a DIY garage door makeover with stain. From light shades to deeper ones such as mahogany to stains that show off the natural sophistication of wood or those that have a different undertone, you have many options.

Your preferences may even depend on the colors in other parts of your house. However, you should also look at the different characteristics of each stain that may affect your choice and bear in mind pricing differences before you make your final decision.

  • Sikkens Cetol HLS Plus is a very translucent stain, which allows the beauty of the wood grain to shine through.
  • Sadolin Extra Durable Wood Stain penetrates wood quickly since it’s not water-based and has a wide range of color options.
  • Ronseal 30390 5-year Wood Stain waterproofs your door within an hour of application. It offers different colors for different wood types.
  • Dulux Trade Ultimate Wood Stain boasts high performance and versatility that make it ideal for soft and hardwood doors. It is justifiably more expensive than the other three.

How To Treat Wooden Garage Doors

Along with all their sophistication, wooden garage doors come with regular maintenance needs. Apart from keeping your door clean, there is much more than a wooden door needs. After standing up to the weather for months, your door will require sanding and coating.

Insulated Wood Garage Doors

When you don’t want your garage to turn into a sauna in the summer or a freezer in the winter, wooden garage doors offer great insulation. Additionally, you can enhance their quality further by insulating any open spaces on the door. However, choosing and handling the best insulation for this type of project can be a daunting task. For garage door repair services in Davie, or elsewhere in South Florida, Garage Door Pros’ is one of the most affordable yet top-quality companies to consider.

Repairing Rotted Wood Garage Door Bottoms

The bottom part of your garage door is the section most susceptible to rotting and can cost you up to $1,200 to fix as once the bottom part of a wood garage door is rotten; the best solution is to replace the whole section. At Garage Door Pros’, we can assess the damage and provide you with options for fiberglass GARAGE DOORS rage door repair services in any of our multiple services locations such as Cooper City

Wood Composite Garage Doors

If you decide that a full wood garage door isn’t for you, but still like the look of wood, you should consider a wood composite garage door. Here are the pros and cons of these doors for your review.


  • They are cheaper than wood garage doors but are almost indistinguishable from the real thing.
  • They are almost as strong as steel garage doors.
  • You can stain them or paint them.
  • They are resistant to rotting, warping, and splitting.
  • They require less maintenance than wood.


  • They are quite expensive compared to other types (apart from wood).

Garage Doors That Look Like Wood
The cost of a wood composite garage door starts at $1,200; however, it can go up from there depending on your location and the manufacturer, as well as a few other factors. For questions about installing one of these doors, call our friendly and professional staff at Garage Doors Pros’. We offer garage door installation, maintenance, and repair in Fort Lauderdale and other South Florida locations at affordable prices.

Garage Doors That Look Like Wood

Do you still have your heart set on a wood garage door, but just can’t bring yourself to deal with the maintenance of wood? How about settling for the look of wood?

Metal Garage Doors

Wood is classy, but it is also expensive and requires a lot of upkeep. However, many homeowners have found the best of both worlds by installing a metal garage door that looks like wood.

Faux Wood Painted Garage Doors

Another option for those who don’t like the color or look of their fiberglass or steel door, but don’t have the means to replace it with a wooden door is faux wood paint. This is a much cheaper option.  The only trouble with painting faux wood on your garage door is that you may incur a loss on the paint if it doesn’t turn out the way you hoped.

Bottom Line: Homeowners who want the look of wood without the hassle have options. For answers to all your questions about garage door services in Pembroke Pines or other cities across South Florida, contact Garage Door Pros’. Our years of experience can help you make the best choice for your home.

Aluminum Garage Doors

What aluminum garage doors lack in class, they make up for in practical functionality.


  • They’re much cheaper than wood and wood composite.
  • They’re durable and withstand moisture without rusting, rotting, or warping.
  • They’re lighter than steel doors.


  • Aluminum absorbs heat faster than wood and wood composite and can make a garage extremely hot.
  • The heat absorption translates to higher electric bills for air conditioning.
  • They are easily dented by hail and vigorous activity around the garage.
  • They aren’t readily available.

Modern Aluminum Garage Doors
Bottom Line: Aluminum garage doors are appealing and easy to install due to their light nature. If you want affordability along with rust, rot, and warp resistance, they are an excellent choice. However, those who need something stronger, that withstands knocks and hits should go for steel.

Modern Aluminum Garage Doors

Unlike those first available, modern aluminum garage doors come in many styles and can give your house a gorgeous look.

  • You can purchase a single panel door or one with several panels. Multiple panel aluminum garage doors are easy to maintain in the event of dents as you can replace only the affected portion.
  • Aluminum-clad garage door frames prevent rot on doors made from other materials. These frames are easy to install. At Garage Door Pros’, we offer reliable installation services for aluminum frames at affordable prices. Our options include:
  • 90 ֯ corners
  • 45 ֯ corners
  • 2 x 4 walls
  • 2 x 6 walls
  • Lineal foot for all sizes
  • Aluminum trim around garage doors is essential for your door to remain robust. However, this trim needs regular replacement since it is frequently knocked and bumped into. Garage Door Pros’ has aluminum trim in a wide range of dimensions.

Aluminum Garage Door Prices

Aluminum garage doors are some of the cheapest garage doors currently on the market. You can find one for as little as $838, with the highest price being about $1,400.

Aluminum Garage Door Maintenance Near Me

Taking care of an aluminum garage door is much less detailed than taking care of a wood door. Here are a couple of things to think about.

Aluminum Garage Door Weather Stripping

The spaces around an aluminum garage door and in between the individual panels can allow wind and rain into your garage. However, you can prevent this by installing weather stripping.

Cleaning an Aluminum Garage Door

Cleaning an aluminum garage door is a straightforward process. All you have to do is:

  • Wet the surface of the door with a hose.
  • Scrub the door with a clean rag dipped in a soapy solution.
  • Rinse off the soap so that it doesn’t harm the finish.

Removing Paint From an Aluminum Garage Door

If the paint on your door starts to flake or peel, you may want to remove it. While this is relatively easy since aluminum doesn’t absorb paint when you aren’t familiar with the removal process, you can easily damage the door. To complete this process, you must:

  • Wash the door using a high-pressure washer.
  • Apply a paint stripper and allow it to sit for five minutes.
  • Use a plastic knife to scrape away as much paint as possible.
  • Reapply the paint stripper and scrape away the paint repeatedly until all (or almost all) the paint is off.
  • Apply mineral spirits and remove the remaining bits of paint using steel wool.

The Best Paint for Aluminum Garage Doors

You can give your aluminum door a refreshing look with an excellent paint job. However, you need to know which paint can provide you with the results that you desire.

  • POR-15 45401 Semi-Gloss is an incredibly tough paint with a glossy finish that will give your garage door an ever-fresh glossy look. It doesn’t crack, chip, or peel off.
  • Rust-Oleum Marine Topside is a multi-surface, quick-drying, durable, and high gloss surface paint with UV protection. It is mainly used to prevent rusting but will give your aluminum garage door an impressive appearance.
  • Total Boat Wet Edge Topside is an economical yet high-quality paint. You only need a few thin layers of it to give your aluminum garage door unbelievable protection from abrasions. Additionally, it’s easy to clean.

Painting an Aluminum Garage Door to Look Like Wood

The look of wood offers beauty and class. However, rather than purchase a wood door and deal with the maintenance, you can paint your aluminum one to look like wood following these directions:

  • Wash your garage door and remove stripping (if you have any), to make painting easier.
  • Test the color on a small section of your door. If you like the look, you can proceed to paint the entire surface.
  • Use a brush to paint all the recessed areas of your door and a roller for the flat surfaces.
  • Create a woodgrain finish using a brush.
  • Try to imitate the texture and grain direction of wood and let it dry for one to two days.

Aluminum Garage Door Repair Parts

No matter how well you take care of your aluminum garage door, it will eventually need repair due to various factors such as weather damage or wear and tear from age. At Garage Door Pros’, we carry an extensive array of garage door repair parts for our customers in Hollywood, as well as the many other cities we service in South Florida. Whether you need a new door opener remote, hinges, rollers, torsion springs, or lubes, we are your one-stop-shop for garage door repairs.

Steel Garage Doors

Steel garage doors have more customization options than either wood or aluminum doors.


  • They’re more affordable than wood doors.
  • They’re more durable than any other type of garage door.
  • Steel doesn’t dent easily from harsh weather or slight knocks.
  • They’re energy-efficient and offer lower air conditioning and heating bills.
  • Steel requires less maintenance than other types of garage doors.


  • Uninsulated garage doors waste energy and are very noisy.
  • Steel isn’t as attractive as other types of garage doors.
  • If the steel isn’t treated appropriately, it will rust quickly.

Modern Steel Garage Doors
Bottom Line: For good reason, steel garage doors are more popular than those made from other materials. They’re durable, cheap, and require little maintenance.

Modern Steel Garage Doors

Even with its advantages, steel doesn’t get many people excited when it comes to garage door installations. However, exploring their numerous and affordable customization options sometimes wins people over.

  • Stainless steel garage doors boast strength and quality.
  • Steel garage doors come with or without insulation, grooves, flush, and wood-like grain finish to complement your stunning home.

Steel Garage Doors That Look Like Wood

Homeowners who want all the perks of the beauty of wood and the durability and low maintenance of steel can see their dreams become a reality in steel garage doors that look like wood.

Best Steel Insulated Garage Doors

Having a steel insulated garage door gives you countless advantages, such as maximum thermal efficiency. Thermacore steel insulated garage doors are a trendy and high-quality option. They come in a variety of colors and designs along with optional features such as windows.  Ask one of our professionals at Garage Door Pros’ about our desirable offers for installing these garage doors with the customization options of your choice.

Insulated vs. Non-Insulated Steel Garage Doors

Whether you should opt for an insulated or non-insulated steel garage door installation depends on several factors and your personal preferences.

  • Insulated steel garage doors are more expensive than non-insulated ones. An insulated garage door costs between $821 and $1,331, while uninsulated doors can go for as low as $750.
  • Insulated steel garage doors are much quieter than non-insulated options.
  • Insulated steel garage doors are more durable. They withstand dings and are more resistant to rust than their non-insulated counterparts.

While Florida residents don’t have to worry much about the cold, the heat can be intense. For this reason, if you can afford an insulated door, we recommend it simply to help keep your garage cooler in the height of summer. You will also be able to take advantage of the other benefits associated with insulation. Insulated door or not, you can acquire affordable garage door repair services in Plantation and other locations across South Florida from Garage Door Pros’.

Steel vs. Aluminum Garage Doors

If you’re still undecided about whether you should get a steel or aluminum garage door, that is understandable since the two share several similarities. Here’s a quick reminder about their differences.

  • Steel garage doors are far more durable than aluminum ones, which don’t stand up well against knocks and dings.
  • Steel garage doors have more customization options than aluminum ones.
  • Aluminum garage doors are lighter than steel garage doors
  • Aluminum garage doors are the cheaper option of the two.
  • Aluminum garage doors are more resistant to rust than steel.

Ultimately, you have to consider your priorities for your garage door and how tight your budget is. If you’re tight on finances and need a door right away, go for aluminum. However, if you can afford it or if you can wait and save up, steel will give you better value over time.  If your primary aim is a rust-resistant garage door, aluminum is the best choice. Those looking for strength, dent resistance, and durability should choose steel. Whichever material you choose, Garage Door Pros’ will give you fantastic garage door installation services in Sunrise and other cities across South Florida. Cost Difference Between Steel and Fiberglass Garage Doors.

You can find a non-insulated steel garage door for as low as  $750; however, these doors can go as high as $3,500 for insulated options.  A fiberglass garage door averages between  $1,157 and $2,030.

These price ranges depend on various factors, such as size and customization specs.

Glass Garage Doors

Glass garage door installation provides your home both class and modernity. However, these doors aren’t very common or popular with most homeowners.


  • Glass offers good lighting in your garage.
  • These doors complement modern homes.


  • Glass garage doors don’t afford you privacy.
  • Even insulated glass garage doors aren’t as efficient as wood or steel.
  • Even thick and robust glass isn’t as durable as wood, steel, or aluminum.
  • Over time, glass breaks down in harsh weather and will start showing chips and cracks.

All Glass Garage Doors
Bottom Line: If your garage faces a fenced area of your property, this may make a glass door more appealing to you as it eliminates the privacy issues. However, damage from hurricanes is still a concern.  As your door ages, you’ll need garage door repair services in Weston or one of our other service locations in South Florida, and you can rest assured that when you hire our team at Garage Door Pros’, you’ll receive 5-star services.

All Glass Garage Doors

While they are not very prevalent, an all-glass garage door can be an excellent addition to an ultra-modern home.  You can even go frameless for a sleek and sophisticated look that is sure to stand out from the other homes on your block.

Glass Panel Garage Doors

If an all-glass garage door scares you, a glass panel garage door with panels mounted on an aluminum (or another material) structure might interest you. This format makes replacing cracked, chipped, or otherwise worn panels easier.

Insulated Glass Garage Doors

Any glass garage door of high quality should consist of insulated glass. However, if your primary requirement for your garage door is insulation, glass isn’t the first option you should go for.

Garage Door Glass Inserts

Glass inserts for your garage door give it exceptional appeal without drawing attention to themselves. What’s more, frosted glass inserts provide the lighting associated with glass on a garage door, while keeping the interior safe from prying eyes.

Residential Glass Garage Doors

Glass garage doors for residential houses can be stellar options.  They can make your garage feel bigger than it is, and they offer fantastic lighting. However, as we have mentioned, they do come with a concern for privacy. For this reason, homes in residential neighborhoods may prefer glass doors with frosted or light-filtering glass.

Commercial Glass Garage Doors

For commercial spaces, privacy is rarely an issue as most of the parking spaces that need garage doors don’t require concealment or insulation. However, the downside here is that most commercial doors are large, and the cost of installing glass on this scale can be prohibitive.

Glass Garage Door Prices

If you’re looking for glass garage doors for sale, be ready to spend at least $1,000. An aluminum frame glass garage door costs between $700 and $1,900. However, tempered glass (which comes with an aluminum casing) can cost much less. On the other hand, custom-made glass and wood options could cost more than $10,000.

Fiberglass Garage Doors

While fiberglass garage doors are gradually losing popularity, they still have appeal and suitability to particular environments and preferences.


  • Fiberglass garage doors are very lightweight.
  • They’re easier to carry around and install.
  • They put little strain on the hinges and lifting parts and therefore need less seasonal maintenance.
  • They’re much cheaper than wood or steel.
  • Fiberglass doesn’t corrode, warp, rot, or expand due to moisture.


  • They’re not good insulators, which can run up your air conditioning and heating bills.
  • When exposed to very low temperatures, they get brittle.

Fiberglass Garage Door Panels
Bottom Line: When you live in a location with pleasant weather and want to save on purchase and maintenance costs, you can go for fiberglass. However, those who live in environments with either extreme cold or heat often find it best to avoid fiberglass garage doors. Should you need garage door repair services in Pembroke Pines or elsewhere in South Florida, call Garage Door Pros’ for incredible services.

Fiberglass Garage Door Panels

Replacing fiberglass panels is cheap. Once you choose the panel style you want, you can get the garage door of your dreams.

Fiberglass Insulated Garage Doors

Fiberglass insulated garage doors are an appealing option with all the advantages of fiberglass, as well as less noise and better heat regulation. Adding insulation makes fiberglass preferable to steel.

Faux Wood Fiberglass Garage Doors

Faux wood fiberglass garage doors can give your house the beauty and warmth associated with wood at a much lower price. Their maintenance costs are more economical too.

Fiberglass Garage Door Prices

If you want a cheap fiberglass garage door installation, you can get one for about $1,157. The highest price for fiberglass garage doors is around $2,030

Sectional Garage Doors

Modern Sectional Garage DoorThere are no more popular garage doors in the United States than sectional garage doors.  These doors are divided into sections that are connected by hinges. A sectional garage door has several unique details, such as a horizontal and vertical track along which it runs to open and close.

Residential Sectional Garage Doors

The most popular residential sectional garage door materials are wood, steel, vinyl, aluminum, and fiberglass. You should look into the cost details and other characteristics of the materials to make the most informed decision about the best garage door for your home and needs.

Glass Sectional Garage Doors

Glass sectional garage doors with aluminum are trendy. While they provide a classy look,  they are delicate and need an expert to repair. For garage spring repair in Miramar and other locations across South Florida, call a reliable company such as Garage Door Pros’.

Sectional Garage Door Prices

A sectional garage door typically runs in the price range of $961 –  $2,310. However, this amount doesn’t incorporate the costs of the garage door installation.

Ideal Garage Door Replacement Sections

To replace damaged sections of your garage door, you need to know the size of the panel, the model number of the door, and the color. You can get this information by finding the door’s serial number and calling the manufacturer for information on how to find a replacement panel. Once correctly installed, your new garage door section will serve you well for some time.

At times though, replacing a section of your garage door might not work well. For example, if the panel’s damage is caused by age and not an accident, there are high chances that the rest of your door is deteriorating, and it could fall soon despite replacing a section of it. For assessment and full replacement, contact our team at Garage Door Pros’. We offer fantastic garage door replacement services in North Lauderdale and a variety of other cities in South Florida.   

Sectional vs. One Piece Garage Door

Despite sectional garage doors being more popular in the US, one-piece garage doors also have something to offer.

  • One-piece garage doors are considerably cheaper than sectionals of similar material.
  • Replacing torsion springs or cables in one-piece garage doors is easier, and thus cheaper than in sectional garage doors.
  • Sectional garage doors allow less material and design variety since you can only use materials that work well in 2-foot segments. A one-piece garage door can be styled differently and can even resemble one big block.
  • Sectional garage doors are challenging to maintain with too many moving parts. One-piece garage doors have fewer parts, which makes them easier and cheaper to repair.
  • One-piece garage doors can be challenging to replace, while sectionals only require the replacement of damaged sections.
  • One-piece garage doors limit space in your garage, unlike sectionals.

Bottom Line: If you don’t mind limited space and want to repair and maintain your door with limited help, you can consider a one-piece garage door. However, those looking for a space-saving solution and a longer-lasting door should choose a sectional keeping in mind that you will need to enlist the help of a professional when repairing it.

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