Garage doors are one of the most important parts of your home.  They keep in what is precious: cars, pets, tools, etc. and keep out what is not: wild animals, pests, and burglars.  They also keep your home a more consistent temperature.  But what happens when your garage door breaks?  Thankfully, the Davie garage door repair company is based in Broward County, Florida but services Dade County, and Palm Beach County as well.  We are always here to help with any of your garage door needs!

How can the Davie garage door repair company help you?

Davie garage door repair contractorsWith our emergency, 24-hour hotline you can call anytime, day or night, to report your “emergency.”  We operate 24/7 to ensure that you are properly taken care of and are not just “left hanging.”  Once we take your call, we will get a crew out to the site as soon as possible.  But what if the garage door malfunctions or breaks on a weekend?  Or at night, just before bedtime?  Luckily, we are known for our prompt and thorough service, and will get you taken care of as soon as possible.

No matter what kind of tragedy strikes, whether a spring bends or breaks or a roller falls off its track, we have got you covered.  Garage doors are heavy and can be incredibly dangerous if not handled properly.  Wait for our certified staff members to arrive as they are trained to do the job in a safe and efficient manner.

Your calls do not always have to be regarding an emergency fix either – we also install and provide maintenance for your garage doors.  Our certified staff can handle any issue thrown at them.

Why choose Davie garage door repair services?

We have made it our mission to save you lots of money. We will come take a look at the damage and give you a quote for free – with no obligations – so call and make a free appointment.  But if you get a written estimate from a competing company that is lower than the one we gave you, we will lower our price and promise to beat it by 10%!  We strive to save you money which is why we offer price match guarantees.

Go online and take a look at our customer review page and be reassured by what our other customers say about us.  The garage door service in Davie has over 900 5-star reviews from our customers!  As a leader in the garage door industry since 2012, we pledge to meet all your needs and take great care of you.

How to prevent door damage

Davie Garage Door RepairThe Davie garage door repair contractors make it our priority to fix any problem garage door related, technical or otherwise, but it is important to first take precautions.  Use judgement and do not do anything rash or stupid.  For example, when first teaching your child to drive, do not have them practice shifting the gears or backing out of an enclosed garage as that could be a recipe for disaster.  J

ust like anything else, when something is properly maintained, it is far less likely to break or fail.  The number one key to preventing door damage is to keep your garage doors “healthy” and maintained.

If you see a small issue, do not let it go until it becomes something far bigger.  Replace the rusty springs before they rust through and break.  Yes, it might cost some money to replace the springs, but it is a small price to pay if the door would come crashing down on your car or child, causing huge amounts of damage and injury.

Again, take precautions, properly maintain your equipment, and replace old parts to ensure that your garage door will last as long as it should.

How to tell if your garage door has been struck by lightening

Lightening is a powerful jolt of electricity that has been generated in the clouds and shoots to Earth.  Often, this shock of electricity is enough to cause a power surge and can easily destroy electronic devices.  If your garage door uses electricity, it could be effected.  Even tiny pulses from lightening far way can fry an electric garage door device.  Even if you have a power strip in your garage, it may not have surge protection.

If struck by lightning, your garage door opener may be showing these signs: opening and closing intermittently, the keypad and remote no longer function, the LED lights on the safety sensors are not lit, and the light on the back of the circuit board flashes continuously.
If any of these issues occur, don’t hesitate to call us!