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garage door repair companyInto everyone’s life, a little rain must fall. Or sometimes a lot of rain, the wind, sleet, snow, hail, and whatever else nature chooses to throw at us. Protecting the integrity of your home and property is a crucial thing all seasons of the year but especially important after every storm. Hurricanes, tornadoes, flooding, the news every day is full of reports of natural disasters from all over the world. Storms are part of our everyday environment, preparing for them and surveying the aftermath should be a habit for every home owner. It is recommended that you call a garage door repair company for all service and maintenance, but in the meantime, you can inspect your property for any evident issues.

Checking the Exterior

The first step in after storm maintenance for your garage door should be a visual inspection of the exterior of your home and garage door. Look for any blown debris, tree limbs, or other detritus and move it away from your garage door. Examine all of the obvious parts of your garage door. Are there dents in the paneling? Are all of the panels in place? Is the glass broken, chipped, or cracked? If there is exterior damage, how far does it extend? Even scrapes and nicks need to be addressed as they can be starting ground for further issues. You will need to inspect the interior of your garage door as well for these same issues.

Checking the Mechanics

The mechanics of your garage door are an integral element to your door functions. Any bump, jostle, or hit can cause something to become misaligned. Using a garage door with parts of it out of place can seriously damage your entire garage door system. If you can disengage your garage door from the automatic opener, it is in your best interest to do so. This will allow you to inspect the mechanical systems without the burdening the track, in case the damage was done isn’t immediately evident. Try lifting the door manually. If it slides easily, it is likely not an issue and you can continue your inspection. If it does not move easily, call your Sunrise garage door service professionals at Garage Door Pros for an immediate assessment and repair.

Checking the Electronics

Sunrise garage door service professionalsThe electronics are the part of your garage door system most easily damaged in a storm. Power surges can burn out circuits. Power outages can wreak havoc on delicate programs. Water is the mortal enemy of any and all electronic systems. Wind can blow wires loose and power lines down. Lightning strikes can send surges through entire systems and burn out all of your electronics, including your garage door. The first step to checking your electrical systems for your garage door is to check that the power is on to your property in general. Is your garage light itself functioning? If you managed to disengage your door, you can attempt to test the remote system by pushing the button on your garage remote.

It will not lift the door but will give you an idea if the system is functioning at all. Signs of malfunction include the opener working erratically, the remote and/or keypad not working, and the LED lights on the safety sensors are not lit. If the light on the back of the circuit board is constantly flashing, there may be an issue, or you have checked the power supply and the opener does not seem to be working still, then it is time to call a garage door repair company to inspect your garage door system. It is not recommended to do any electronic work on your own as you might void your garage door system warranty.

The Next Storm is Always Coming

It is recommended to seek out a garage door repair company for an inspection and maintenance after every storm. Diligence will ensure that you maintain the integrity of your home and protect your investment. Your local professionals will help you repair from this storm and prepare for the next!