Garage Door RepairWhen it comes to your garage door you probably rely on it quite a bit. Your garage door is your first line of defense for your garage. It keeps out pests, unwanted visitors, and keeps possessions you store in the garage safe from the outside elements. Suffice to say, making sure your door is in good repair is very important.

Garage door repair is not a subject many people think about when it comes to their door. It uses a complex system of pulleys, cables, and springs in order to open and close. What happens when the springs of your garage door stop working properly though? Well, there are a few things you can do to make sure your springs last a long time.

Garage Door Repair Services Recommend Checking Your Springs

Springs are an important part of helping your garage door to function. The average can last through about one thousand cycles before it needs to be replaced. A “cycle” for a garage door is when it’s opened and closed. For some households they have more than two cycles a day. Usually between four to six cycles in total if other members of the household are running errands.

Springs also play a big role in how well your garage door holds up. You can usually check to see if your springs need to be changed by pulling the red emergency cord on your garage door. Simply pull it down, and raise your garage door up about halfway. Let go of the cord and watch your door. Your garage door should only go down a little bit. This means your springs are in good working order. If the garage door closes completely this means your springs are in need of being replaced.

Signs Your Springs Need a Garage Door Repair

There are other signs you can look for to see if your garage door needs to be repairs. If it’s starting to make squeaking sounds or being noisier than usual. This could mean it’s in need of a repair. Springs tend to wear down over time due to being used so much. Garage Door Pros know how to replace these springs safely and effectively. We don’t recommend you attempt to repair your garage door yourself. While it seems like the opening and closing of your door is a simple system. It’s highly complex and requires an expert hand to deal with any problems that may arise with the door.

Taking steps to make sure your garage door is in good repair also helps as well. Every few months be sure to check the motor and other working parts of the door. If you notice anything appears to be broken or wearing down to fast. Then it’s time to schedule an appointment to have the problem taken care of. Preventative maintenance also goes a long way to making sure your garage door lasts for as long as you need it too.

garage door repair companyGarage doors don’t last forever, but keeping them well oiled will help to cut down on noise. Your springs could be working fine, but without being properly lubricated they can wear out even faster over time. Make sure your springs have enough oil for lubrication so when they’re working they are not stressed out.

Another sign to look out for when your springs absolutely have to be repaired is if they’re emitting a screeching sound. When this happens it’s almost always a sign that your springs are about to break or give out. Be sure to get in touch with the best garage door company immediately to check your door.

On top of preventative maintenance, having your garage door inspected once in a while will go a long way to making sure it stays in good repair. Most of the time the problems that arise with garage doors can be prevented through small repairs or proper care. Just like your car or home, your garage door needs to have preventative maintenance done to it once in a while. While this won’t make your garage door last forever. It will help to extend the life cycle of your garage door. Allowing you to get your money’s worth out of it.

At Garage Door Pros we care about you. We’ll give you garage door repair if you’re looking to have it fixed. If you get a lower estimate from another garage door repair company will beat it by up to 10% so you get the better deal no matter what.