Can You Replace Individual Garage Door Panels?

While many questions come with garage door repair, the age-old question that has many homeowners scratching their heads and getting on Google is can you replace individual panels rather than the entire door. For any garage door service in Plantation, the ability to only replace damaged panels would bring several benefits including:

  • Faster Repair
  • Less Work
  • Less Expense

The simple answer to this question is yes; you can replace a single panel on your garage door. However, when you get into the specifics, the actual replacement of a panel isn’t always that straightforward.

Unique Designs- An Issue with Garage Door Panel Replacement

While all garage doors tend to look very similar, they have quite a few differences that should factor into your decision. Each panel is designed specifically to meet the size and weight requirements of the door that it was initially a part of. That being the case, even if you manage to find a panel that is the correct size, you need to make sure it can also handle the weight. While the new panel might look similar if it can’t handle the right amount of weight, you could compromise the structural integrity of your garage door and create a safety issue.

Part of the Door Could be Damaged

Think hard: why are you replacing a panel? If the panel is dented or outright destroyed, are the panels around it in similar condition? Even if you don’t see any damage at first glance, the connecting hardware could be broken or structurally compromised, making a replacement difficult and potentially dangerous. The damage to your door could also include the struts, hinges, and much more, and you should be on guard if you plan to perform the replacement. As always, a garage door repair company in Plantation can guide you to the right answers.

The Problem with Aesthetics

Replacing one panel may be the quickest fix, but is it going to look the same? If you have an older garage door, there could be discoloration and fading that you can’t see until it’s compared to a new door. Even a small difference will become a huge issue when you insert a new panel and see how fresh and new it is compared to the rest of the assembly.

A Quick Fix

Can You Replace Individual Garage Door Panels?

In most cases, replacing a garage door panel it just a band-aid on a larger problem. It works in the short term, but may not pan out down the road. There are a few questions you can ask yourself to determine whether this operation will be a success or if you need to think about installing an entirely new garage door:

  • Is the Door Old or New? – Newer doors may be better candidates for panel replacement.
  • What Sort of Damage was Done? – Impact damage such as that from wind, debris, or even vehicle collision can damage the panels around the one you want to replace, even if the damage is not immediately visible.
  • Can you Find an Exact Replacement? – One way for you to ensure a smooth installation is to find a garage door panel that precisely matches your old one. If you have a newer garage door, this shouldn’t be a problem, but if you have an older one, you may need to do some searching or replace the entire assembly.
  • Is Your Door Facing the Street? – If your door is at the front of your house nearest the curb, security could become a concern as would-be intruders can guess at the condition of your door due to inconsistencies in color or pattern.

While you may typically want to avoid replacing the entire door to the tune of $1000 to 2000 dollars, it may be well worth it. The best way for you to proceed with this endeavor is to have a discussion with your garage door repair company here in Plantation and ask for a full inspection. Inspection and examination of your door’s current state could lead to a decision, ultimately allowing you to bring your door back to its former glory whether you choose to replace it entirely or you find a way to change out the panel. Either way, our professionals will be by your side, ready to complete the job and give you back the peace of mind that comes with a fully functional garage door.