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Although most of us use garage doors daily, they frequently become an afterthought. In fact, most of us only pay attention when something breaks. When you think about the number of times your garage door goes up and down over a year, you’ll realize the continuous movement implies that parts will typically wear and tear.

For this reason, proper maintenance and repair are necessary and must be on your semi-annual or annual maintenance list together with chimney sweeping, gutter cleaning etc. Fortunately, Garage Door Pros offers professional services to handle your garage problems. Here’s a list of common fixes we perform.

Broken Springs

garage door repair SunriseCoiled springs make it easier to raise and lower heavy garage doors. The spring isn’t part of the door opener, but rather a part of the door assembly. When they break or wear, you can substitute that component.

You could also upgrade the spring if you use the door a lot. Typically, you’ll know your spring is broken if the door is difficult to raise or if it makes considerable noise. In this case, it’s probably a spring problem.

Springs may also break when they’re stretched, twisted, or loaded down. We discourage homeowners from replacing a spring themselves because working with huge heavy doors and springs under tension is dangerous and could cause severe injuries if not tackled properly. Therefore, you’re better off leaving this issue to our experts at garage door repair company.

Noisy Garage Doors

A noisy door can be troublesome, particularly if there’s a room close by or above the garage. Some of the causes behind a noisy garage door include:

Door Opener

First, you need to establish the kind of opener you have. It could be a chain, screw, or belt drive. Of these, the noisiest is the chain opener, though they have various benefits. Chain drives are usually more durable, affordable, and suitable for different weather conditions.

However, the occasional chain lubrication is a necessity to decreasing the noise that your door opener is making. Lubricating your garage opener and door frequently are one way of decreasing the noise. Screw openers are typically quieter than the chain openers, though they can become just as noisy after a couple of years.

The quietest openers are the belt drives, which need the least maintenance. This type of noise can also arise when the sprocket and gear situated outside the door opener are defective. Repairs must take place after unplugging, but the task is suitable for a well-trained and skilled garage door technician from garage door repair Sunrise.

Balance Check

Sunrise garage door serviceExamine your door to see whether it’s balanced. An unbalanced garage door can be noisy and might stop functioning after a while. There’s a simple way of testing the door’s stability. You must pull the emergency release cord on the door to close and open the door manually.

Try raising the garage door halfway before you release it. If the door’s stable, it won’t move much, but if it’s unbalanced, it will start falling.

Hinges and Springs

Another main cause of noisy doors is bad hinges or worn springs. If the problem originates from the torsion springs that are above the door, you don’t want to repair it yourself. Seeking assistance from a licensed expert from Sunrise garage door service is the best option in this instance. If a grinding noise is coming from the hinge, it might be a sign that the hinge is due for replacement.

Doors that are off the Track

If you slam your door too hard or hit it, there’s a high chance it will be off the track. This will need maintenance and the door might require reattachment to the rail, which needs a technician’s assistance. Remember, proper track maintenance will keep your door functioning smoothly, prolonging the life of your hinges, rollers, and door opener.

It’s also important to note that a misaligned track may result in dragging, binding, and a generally stubborn garage door. If the door has fallen out of the tracks and doesn’t move, contact us immediately. Trying to resolve this issue yourself could result in injury and further damage. Bear in mind that properly maintained tracks will extend your door’s life and will save you money and time.

It’s easy to overlook the garage door until something happens. Fortunately, you can avoid breakdowns by conducting a few inspections annually together with recurrent lubrication of door parts.