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You can easily forget about your garage door until something happens to it. In fact, most homeowners usually think that the loud creaking is part of a garage door. However, these are indications that your garage door requires maintenance.

Never take your garage door for granted. After all, it’s your first defense line against trespassers, intruders, and thieves. It’s also important you recognize the common door parts that require replacement. This way, you’ll be able to conduct a regular inspection to establish whether they’re still in good working condition. Here are the common replacement parts you should beware of.


Garage Door Repair in Sunrise FloridaGarage springs are one of the most common parts that are subject to stress. After some time, you can expect they’ll reveal metal fatigue. You must at least have garage door repair company Weston check them regularly to establish whether they’re still in good functioning condition.

The typical lifetime of garage door springs is approximately a year. Therefore, consider replacing them after a year or so. Don’t wait for them to break before replacement otherwise you’ll have to spend a considerable amount in the future.

Moreover, installing springs can be dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing. Remember, you need special tools, so it’s important you contact a trained technician from Weston garage door repair services to replace it.

Types of Garage Springs

The two kinds of springs on garage doors are extension and torsion. You should be able to detect if either of these breaks. If you want to know whether you have a broken torsion spring, examine the inside top of the garage door.

If it’s broken, it’s time to contact an expert to replace the spring. When it comes to broken extension springs, you’ll notice a spring hanging from your door’s tracks.

A torsion spring will cost from $60-$70 to buy and $140-$155 to have a professional company install it. For extension springs, you’ll spend around $30 to purchase one and $100-$120 for installation.

Cables and Chains

Cables and chains are used often in a garage door. Moreover, they’re exposed to the elements. While they constitute strong steel, rust can develop, potentially compromising their strength and structures. You must examine the cables and see whether rust is developing in any of the links.

Some cables constitute wire rope meaning they have individual wire strands that are strung together like a normal rope. If you don’t care for them often, rust will fray the wire strands, making the cable weak.

Cables help lift the garage door, so the garage door system is complete without them. Bear in mind that cables are under high tension, so it’s imperative you contact an expert from garage door repair Weston to repair the broken cables on your garage door.

Hinges and Associated Hardware

Hinges are ordinary trouble spots for garage doors and while they aren’t very large, they play a significant role in the closing and opening functions of your door. If they break or wear out, opening your garage door could be hard or even impossible.

Bear in mind that a broken hinge could cause serious damage to your garage door. Fortunately, you can perform a simple DIY checkup by walking into your garage and examining the door. The simple measure can prevent expensive repairs in the future.

While inspecting the garage hinges, watch out for wear. If they’re worn, fix them before you need to spend considerable money on fixing the garage door or performing the total replacement.

Garage hinges are usually under stress whenever you use your garage door. If the door isn’t functioning to specs or if it’s been tweaked, it places extra stress on the door hinges.

The typical lifespan for most hinges is approximately 5 years. However, if you opt for a heavy-duty steel hinge, you can expect a 12-year lifespan. If you notice the hinges are worn out or faulty, you’ll need to stop using your garage door until repair or replacement has taken place.

You’re better off repairing the hinges or hiring an expert instead of replacing the entire door. Beware that bad hinges could throw off the door’s track. This will tweak the door and ultimately bend the panels. Even if the door isn’t damaged to the point that it requires complete replacement, the cost to repair panels is much higher than replacing or fixing the door hinges.

A garage door isn’t merely a utilitarian device that permits you to park vehicles indoors. Whether your home is small or large, a garage door provides insulation and security for household members and items. Therefore, it’s important you maintain it for aesthetic and practical reasons.