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Hollywood garage door repairA broken spring can result in further damage to a garage door and the entire unit. Something as tiny and seemingly insignificant as a spring can have a serious effect on the entire garage door unit. Most people pay very little attention to their garage door springs and this complete oversight is dangerous. There’s really no one single part on the garage door opening system that is more or less important than the other as it all works as a complete unit. However, if we did have to give ranking to each part, springs would definitely be high up on the list.

Many people on the Internet believe that repairing a garage door spring is an easy DIY task. However, we at Hollywood garage door repair, want you to know that it should only ever be fixed by a professional. These springs are wound so tightly and can have a dangerous and even deadly result if not taken care of by a professional. Here are a few consequences for those who think it might be okay to totally ignore their broken garage door spring.

    1) You Could be Locked Out or In

The first-time people notice a broken spring most often is when they are trying to leave the garage. Pressing the opener and finding out that the garage door will only lift about 6 inches above the ground if lucky is a big bummer when you’re in a rush. This happens because the garage door opener force or sensitivity has activated, which causes the opener to stop pulling the door up.

A broken spring can also keep a garage door opening at its normal speed. Due to the heavy weight of the door and the broken spring, the door cannot possible lift or lower in the same and usual manner as it would if everything was working properly.

    2) A Bent Garage Door

This one will depend on the type and configuration of your garage door. The electric garage doors have a tendency to bend at the top section when it attempts to open with a broken spring. The forcefulness of the open and closing motion is a safety precaution to prevent any dangerous injuries. However, even though this mechanism is designed for emergencies, with a broken spring it can happen just opening the door normally. Replacing the top section of a door or the entire door can be extremely costly.

    3) The Garage Door Falls Dangerously Fast

Without the springs, there to brunt the weight of the door going up and down the door is going to fall dangerously fast. If you start to notice that your door is falling faster than normal when closing it, it might be because of a broken spring. Many people think that this might be a motor issue, however, it is a spring issue. Garage door openers are not designed to bear the weight of an unbalanced garage door. Thus, the door will fall faster than normal when being closer. This can put any one, in or out of a car, at risk for being injured.

Garage Door Spring Repair and Your Safety

Garage Door ProsGarage springs are wound very tightly, which means they are under a lot of tension. When they break, or are fiddled with by a non-professional, serious injury can occur. If you notice that your springs have been squeaking or just making a lot of noise, that is not necessarily an indicator of a spring being broken or needing to be replaced. Before calling us at Hollywood garage door repair apply some lubricant to the springs and see if that makes any difference to the sound. Always let an experienced contractor inspect your garage door springs if you believe that they are broken or in need of repair.

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If your garage door has been acting funny or it has been several years since there have been any sort of repairs or inspections done to it, it’s time to call and schedule a serviceman to come and look. The purpose of inspections is to prevent future injury and ensure the safety of the unit. Additionally, inspections can prevent you having to replace the entire unit for something as little as a broken spring. Call us for all your garage door repair services in Hollywood.