Cooper City garage door repairThe mechanism of a garage door is made up of some complex parts that all function together to smoothly raise and lower your garage door. While these parts move and function together under normal use, sometimes a problem may arise that will get your garage door to get “stuck” or not function as it is supposed to. With so many different parts, essentially anything can go wrong with your garage door. And until you get it repaired, your garage and its contents are insecure. One of the common problems with a garage door is it going off its track. It might look unattractively unsteady and also pose a danger to you and others. So what do you do if this happens? Is there an easy fix to this problem? Let’s answer these questions below.

Reasons your garage door has gone off track

There are several reasons why your garage door may get off track. One of the most common one is the cables snapping. Usually the cable on only one side may break during the process of the door opening. This might make the garage door stuck at an angle. If you see a frayed cable, it might be a good idea to get it fixed right away, so that you can prevent it from snapping, and as a result, also prevent your garage door from going off track. Another reason that a garage door can go off track is an obstruction in the track path.

These days, garage doors have “eyes” or sensors that can detect if there is trash, leaves, toys or other objects, or even your vehicle in the path of the garage door. If there is an obstruction, the sensors automatically prevent the garage door from hitting the object. But if you have an older garage door without sensors, the door might make contact with any object in its path, and get knocked off its track. A forceful hit to the garage door, say, being hit by a car, can also cause the door to go off track. This impact can be from either the inside or outside of the garage door.

How to repair a garage door off its track

So, unfortunately, now that you have your garage door off its track, how do you fix it? The first thing to remember with any off track garage door is that you absolutely do not attempt to either move it, or fix it by yourself. Not only are garage doors very heavy, they have springs and cables under immense pressure. Serious injury or even death can result if an inexperienced person tries to repair the garage door. What you should do, is call a licensed garage door repair company in Cooper City that can send a trained technician to repair your garage door.

garage door repair company in Cooper CityFirst, you should disconnect the garage door from the opener. You should see an overhead rope that you can reach and pull. This will release the garage door from the opener. If you do not see the overhead rope, or if you cannot pull it, do not try to forcefully yank at it. Just call a professional as soon as possible. If you live in Florida, Cooper City garage door repair is the company to call for an off track door, installation of a new garage door, or for any garage door problem. Our 24-hour emergency services, experienced professionals, and reasonable pricing make us the best in garage door repairs. You will not go wrong with Cooper City garage door repairs.

When one of our trained and experienced technicians comes to repair your garage door, you can expect him to go through a thorough process. Firstly, our technician will determine the cause of your garage door being off track and the extent of the damage. Are the tracks noticeably bent or broken? Is there improper orientation of the tracks or have they come loose from the garage wall? After careful evaluation of your situation, the technician will proceed to fix the issues. If necessary, any debris collected in the tracks will be cleaned and lubricating oil will be used for smooth functioning. If the track and rollers need to be readjusted, then this readjustment will also be done. Lastly, a complete check of all your garage door parts will be done to ensure that there are no missing or loose parts that need attention. Only after testing and making sure that your garage door is functioning perfectly, and you are satisfied with the work, will our technician leave. This high quality of service has made us a leading garage door repair company in Cooper City.

So as you can see, repairing an off track garage door might not be a DIY project, but with the right repair company, your garage door can be fully functional in no time at all.