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If a garage door spring breaks, you are either stuck inside the garage or outside of it. Either way, it is not a good place to be. A pretty common misconception is that when a garage door isn’t working properly, the opener is to blame as this is the tool that opens and closes the door itself. In some cases, this is true, however, the springs are what are responsible for doing all the heavy lifting. No need to be a garage door expert to know if a spring is broken or not. Here are a few characteristics that a garage door spring might exhibit if it is broken.

Stopping While Opening

This is the most common sign of a broken spring. This is also the most misconstrued common sign, as most people mistake this sign for a broken garage door opener rather than a broken spring. Garage door service repair of Miramar can help determine if the spring is broken or if the opener just needs a new battery. Either way, it is important to contact a professional.

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The Garage Door Falls Fast When Closing

Obviously, a door should close relatively quickly, as well as open relatively quickly. However, when a door starts to close alarmingly fast, then there is an issue. If a garage door is falling faster than normal when closing it with an automatic opener, the spring could potentially be broken. The door opener is not designed to carry the entire weight of the actual door, therefore the falling speeds become faster than normal when the springs are not properly working.

The Garage Door is Jerky Going Up or Down

When a garage door lifts or drops, it should do so in one smooth motion. If, for some reason, the garage seems to be lifting or lowering in a jerky motion, it is likely that one spring is broken and the other is well on its way to being broken as well. The jerking motion is especially common on those garage doors that are equipped with extension springs. In some cases, fixing this issue could be as simple as lubricating the garage door pulleys, hinges, and rollers. However, if there is any doubt on what the issue is, the best thing to do is call Miramar garage door Service Company.

The Garage Door is Crooked Going Up or Down

Again, when the door goes up and when it comes down, it should be in a straight line and in one smooth motion. Certain garage doors that are equipped with extension springs that stretch have independent suspension. Each spring is mounted on the side of the garage door and they will pull independently of each other. If one of those springs breaks, that side with the broken spring won’t be pulling the door up. As a result, the door will go up crooked or potentially become stuck in the tracks.

The Top Section of the Garage Door is Bent

Garage Door Broken SpringDepending on the type of garage door in the home, an electric garage door opener might bend at the top section when the door tries to open if a spring is broken. This is all too common with “open force” is turned up all the way on the garage door’s circuit board. The open and close force on a garage door is there as a safety precaution and is designed to prevent scenarios like the one described above. Sometimes all that is needed to be done is a simple strut replacement, however, it is best to let a professional come and take a look and decide. Broken springs and other related hardware could be dangerous to those who are not familiar with the mechanics.

Once it has been determined that the garage door springs are broken, the next step is to call Miramar garage door repair service and set up and appointment for inspection and repair. Again, garage door repair is a dangerous job for individuals who are not familiar with the mechanics and safety precautions necessary to fix a garage door. Reputable companies will always come out and inspect before giving an estimate of repair. Call today about your door.