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Your garage door is an important part of your home and it is also one that can slide in to disrepair very easily. It’s not something that we tend to keep an eye on, so when it fails, we’re usually pretty surprised. If you keep on top of basic maintenance, however, you can reduce the need for garage door repair in Hallandale Beach. Let’s go over a few of the common maintenance items that will keep your door in tip top shape.

Tips for Garage Door Repair in Hallandale Beach

Keep the Hardware Tight

Garage Door Repair in Hallandale BeachFun fact about your garage door: it moves. It’s not like your front door, the entire assembly is complex and held together by several pieces. The door itself will move up and down thousands of times per year, and each time it does, it is going to experience vibrations. Do you know what that means? It means that parts are going to come loose at some point. If you want to prevent a disaster that calls for more extensive Hallandale Beach garage door repair, then it would be within your best interest to get out there with a socket wrench and tighten up the hardware. Roller brackets and bolts are going to be first on your list, and a simple tightening every three months or so should do the trick.

Check the Balance

Your garage door needs to be balanced, this is a major tenant of proper garage door repair in Hallandale Beach! We’re going to assume that you’ve spent a lot of money on your garage door opener, and with that being the case, you really want to make sure that it stays in proper shape. If the garage door is unbalanced, then it’s going to have a harder time going up and down.

You won’t notice this, naturally, but your motor will burn out faster and you’ll have to order a replacement. Garage door openers are expensive, so we’re going to give you a piece of advice: don’t let that happen. To check into this, pull the release handle to disconnect the opener and move the door halfway up. If it doesn’t stay, then the system is improperly balanced. NOTE: You will want to call for a garage door repair company in Hallandale Beach to take care of this rather than attempting it on your own.

Roller Replacement is Necessary

Your garage door rollers may need to be replaced, and they should at least be inspected once or twice per year. This will apply whether you have steel rollers or nylon rollers, and you should replace theme very seven years, or less, depending on your frequency of use. If you find any cracked or chipped rollers, you can simply replace them by removing and then replacing the roller brackets.

Check the Weather Stripping

Look at the bottom of your garage door, you should see the weather stripping. Now, if you look at it again, you will want to see if the stripping needs to be replaced and there are two telltale signs:

  • The stripping is brittle or cracked
  • The stripping is hanging down and becoming detached from the garage door

Fortunately, this is a fix that you can implement yourself: all you need to do is head to your local hardware store and purchase weather stripping, which you can then cut to size and work into the door.

Don’t Hesitate to Call for Help

What we have listed here are some of the simpler problems that might require garage door repair in Hallandale Beach, but there are other problems that are going to require more action, and the help of trained professionals. Learn the difference, and get your garage door working again.