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Your Garage Door Repair Company in LauderhillThe typical garage door will open and close hundreds of times annually, and the resulting wear and tear can take a toll on your garage door as well as the rollers, opener, hinges, and other important parts.

Once you invest in a quality garage door, you can’t simply oversee its installation and forget about it. Like any mechanical device, your garage door requires regular tune-ups to stay it in peak working condition and decrease the likelihood of a major repair issue.

You can schedule regular tune-ups with our certified professionals at garage door Pros, your garage door repair in Davie. While it might seem like a needless hassle, scheduled tune-ups from our garage door repair company will save you time and money in the future. While you should schedule a tune-up every year, here’s how to tell if you need to schedule one sooner rather than later.

Signs Your Door Needs a Tune-up

Scraping or Grinding Noises

One of the easiest issues to identify is unfamiliar scraping or grinding noises. We recommend you take some time to listen to your garage door as it opens occasionally. Unfamiliar noises could signify a problem such as loose hardware or accumulated debris on the door.

Worn Rollers

From time to time, take a moment to examine the rollers. You should contact our Davie garage door repair company if you notice any chipping, cracking, or signs of wear on the rollers. Damaged rollers need an immediate replacement to keep your garage door working smoothly.

The Door Doesn’t Run Smoothly

Another common indication that your door requires a tune-up is unsteadiness when it closes or opens. If the door shudders or jerks while running, this could indicate that the tracks, hinges, or bolts require maintenance.

Worn Out Weather Stripping

A simple way of keeping your door in good shape is checking the weather stripping beneath the door. Watch for brittle or broken weather stripping and have it replaced to protect your door against bad weather.

A Bend in the Door Track

Regularly scheduled maintenance checks should prevent this issue from ever happening to you. However, if you haven’t been keeping up on maintenance, you may notice a bend in the door track. Operating the door with a bent track can cause the bend to increase and eventually prevent your door from opening at all. In this situation, contact garage door repair services in Davie for a tune-up as soon as possible to prevent further damage.

Advantages of Planned Maintenance

Money Savings

The Importance of A Properly Running Garage Door Routine maintenance conducted by our trained experts makes it possible to identify and fix minor issues before they become bigger problems that are costly and difficult to repair. For example, our knowledgeable technicians can identify a misaligned door before the door track bends and breaks requiring complete replacement.

Our professionals look for hazards that need immediate attention, including issues with your door’s alignment and balance, auto-reverse safety elements, and torsion springs. At times, these kinds of issues can go unnoticed until a catastrophe arises.

Maintaining a Secure Household

Planned maintenance allows our technicians to look for issues with the door and the opener that could prevent it from locking securely. Since your garage is a key entrance to your home, you want to ensure that all the security elements on the door are functioning properly.

Extending the Door’s Lifespan

A high-caliber door can last 20 plus years if you maintain it well and a well-maintained chain-or-belt drive opener can remain functional for 15 or more years. Taking the time to maintain your garage door avoids the need for premature replacement.

Enhances Home Value

Planned maintenance pays off when the time comes to sell your home. For prospective buyers, the garage door is a major feature to consider when examining a property. A door that’s in stellar condition enhances your home’s curb appeal and general worth on the real estate market.

You’ll discover more about the functioning of your garage door

When conducting adjustments and inspections, our technicians will take you through the fundamentals of how garage doors operate and offer tips on how you can keep yours in optimal shape. They’ll explain how to take care of the door in between planned maintenance and what to look for in terms of issues that need professional help.

Quiet Operation

A garage door’s system comprises numerous different parts. As a result, things such as twisted hinges or a loose chain can make a loud noise. Excessively noisy doors, above and beyond the normal sound of your garage door, could be an indication of a more serious issue.

Garage Door Repair and Maintenance from Garage Door Pros

Your garage door is one of the biggest moving systems in your home, and it pays to schedule an annual tune-up for efficiency. Contact our team at Garage Door Pros and let us help you maintain your garage door today.