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Garage Door Pro’s – A New Window of Opportunity

Garage Door repair DavieYours truly is not a game show host and you are not reading a script for network television but you are invited to come on down to our business and see what is behind our front door and what we at Garage Door Pro’s can do for a homeowner in Davie.

Consider the purpose the garage door serves. It helps keeps the contents inside. It helps keep outside threats where they belong. It helps deter unwanted visitors of all sorts. A garage is increasingly a part of living space. It is not just for storage. It can be an inside play area for children. It can be an informal place to sit with a mug of coffee. It can host sports like table tennis, air hockey, and billiards.

Consider and marvel, then, at the fact that garage door service and maintenance is not at the top of the priority list for most people. The tendency is to ignore any signs of trouble hoping an odd sound or irregular movement was only a fluke and there is no real need for concern. We encourage customers, as any good doctor would his patient, to not ignore the warning signs. As someone said, the last thing anyone wants is an incident with the garage door when the homeowner is leaving for work or returning from work with a busy evening ahead. As much as it is resisted, the old adage that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure is painfully and inarguably true.

Do What Needs to Be Done Today So It Does Not Have to Be Done Tomorrow

If, however, your garage door is beyond prevention and definitely in need of a cure, we at Garage Door Pro’s are capable, more importantly, willing, to carefully diagnose the complaint and prescribe a decisive course of action for an optimal prognosis.

Just as a medical practice specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of a specific area of the body, so we at Garage Door Pro’s specialize in a specific area of a home – the garage and its doors. We employ local technicians – those with a vested interest in providing superior service to homeowners in Davie. We repair or replace broken, damaged, or malfunctioning garage door springs. We do treatment on or replacements of garage doors that make too much noise. The causes range from something simple like a cleaning need or a worn part that needs replacement.

Some repairs are not optional. Since the early 1990s manufacturers of garage doors have to install garage door sensors for safety reasons. Those sensors basically communicate with each other when the door goes to close or open to make sure that there is no obstruction in its path.

Garage Door repair DavieA medical check-up and a mechanical tune-up more or less serve identical purposes. Identification of a potential problem is preferable to a repair so we at Garage Door Pro’s perform routine garage door tune-up’s. And, of course, we do garage door installations.

We recognize the affinity for more sophisticated options so our expertise and experience are not restricted to tasks requiring just the wrench and screw. We also service keyless entry systems for garage doors.

Along with those we service electric garage door openers, most of which are controlled by a switch on the garage wall and a remote carried by the owner.

Those are a few of the services we offer. We at Garage Door repair Davie seek to offer the best service available in Davie and at the best price. We do that by first offering a no-cost diagnosis and of the issue and repair estimate. If a customer brings us a repair estimate lower than ours, we will beat it by ten percent.

Few would argue the opportunity to save money, especially if it can be done safely. We also understand the satisfaction derived from tackling a job and completing it one’s self. We do implore homeowners in Davie, though, to at least consult with us before attempting repairs one’s self. Damage to the door, the home, even the homeowner, can result if the task is not approached with the appropriate acumen and necessary tools for the tasks that need to be performed. Contact us.