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broken springsIf you have a garage door, and if you have spent any amount of time studying how it works, then there is a good chance that you’ve heard of reinforcement struts at some point. More than likely you’ve heard that you need them alongside other very important items that will go far in keeping your garage door in good condition all year round.

So, here’s a good question: what are they exactly, and do you need them? Should you rush you and have them installed right away to protect the investment you’ve made in your garage door? Should you put it off until you have more information? In our opinion, they’re a good way to avoid major garage door repair Plantation in certain instances, but you first need to understand them.

What are Reinforcement Struts?

As the name implies, these are used to add support to your garage door and straighten it, but they are not a necessity. In fact, they are only used in very specific situations:

  • Situation 1: Your garage door is constantly open and needs to be supported
  • Situation 2: You live in an area that is constantly bombarded by strong winds and even hurricanes.

As per situation 2, you can imagine that if you live in the state of Florida it would be a good idea for you to consider obtaining reinforcement struts. In most cases, these will be found on double garage doors or those that are at least sixteen feet wide. If you already have a garage door in Florida there Is a fair chance that you already have a reinforcement strut. Take a look at the door and see if there is a U-Shaped beam attached to it. If so, it’s a reinforcement strut and you already have it! In most cases, these are screwed into place using hinges or steel clips.

Do You Need Reinforcement Struts?

As part of our Plantation garage door service we are more than happy to install reinforcement struts, and as we said before there are generally two reasons for having them. The first is for doors that remain open constantly. If you garage is more of a workshop or if it sees a lot of traffic through the main door then yes, you should definitely consider grabbing a reinforcement strut.

The second reason is high winds and they will definitely do a great job of keeping both your door and your garage protected. If you live in Florida then you are already well aware of the potential for high winds and even damage to your house. That being said, reinforcement struts might just be for you.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Help

Garage Door Installation Service Pembroke PinesGarage door repair in Plantation is often something that homeowners will attempt to do on your own, but in some cases, there is simply no need. The garage door is a major entry point to your house, and with that being the case, you do need to make sure that it is properly protected. Is that always going to be easy? Absolutely not, and you need to do your part to keep it up as far as maintenance is concerned. Oil the springs from time to time, make sure that the track is kept clear, and even wipe down the sensors to make sure that it can properly close.

We have only scratched the surface of the potential garage door maintenance and repairs that could be needed, so don’t be afraid to call us in the event there is something that you cannot handle. As garage doors become more complicated, more advanced repair techniques are needed. Do the right thing whether it is reinforcement struts or spring maintenance.