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garage-door-openerA remote-control opener for a garage door is a handy electronic device that allows you to enter without leaving the vehicle or lifting the heavy door yourself. The opener sends an IR or infrared signal to a receiver that activates a switch, prompting an electric motor to close or open the garage door.

Before any remote works appropriately, it should be within the particular range of its IR signal-sending strength. A common and frustrating garage problem arises when the remote doesn’t open your garage door.

The problem often occurs because the remote is simply too far from the door. However, if you’ve moved closer and it still doesn’t open the door, you could contact a professional garage door repair company or consider the following measures.

Examine the Batteries

Strange as it sounds, numerous people forget that a battery or batteries are the only things powering their garage door. When the remote stops functioning suddenly, the most common reason for remote control failure is dead or weak batteries. To ensure the batteries are constantly good, use brand-name quality batteries rather than discount brands.

In addition, it’s important to keep in mind that while rechargeable batteries are environmentally friendly and cost-efficient, they merely put out about 1.2 volts unlike an alkaline one, which puts out 1.5 volts. Consequently, a remote powered with two rechargeable batteries would obtain 2.4volts when it’s designed to function on 3 power volts.

The 25% lack of power might seriously compromise the efficiency and range of the remote control unit. You’ll have to remove a small screw or two on your remote and take it apart. If your remote lacks screws, you’ll gain access by sliding the panel located on the back.

Remove the batteries or battery. If the remote use AAA or AA batteries, you probably have new ones in your home. Smaller, round ones might need a trip to an electronics or battery store. Once you replace them, reassemble your remote.

If this doesn’t work, you might want to contact Weston garage door service to examine it professionally. Oftentimes, a faulty remote requires a simple fix and you can resolve several of the encountered problems by replacing the batteries regularly. It might also prevent another common problem-the door closes and opens itself.

Clean the Eyes

The plastic covering the IR unit on the receiving unit and remote control is the eye. The “eye” permits the IR signal to pass through in receiving and transmitting. You can wipe off the eyes with a soft damp cloth. Most remote eyes are plastic-made, so they’re susceptible to scratching if rubbed against abrasive fibers, metal, or dropped on the ground.

You can polish the plastic with specialized polishing substances. However, if the eye on the remote control has extensive gouging, pitting, or scratches, you might need a new one.

Examine the Battery Contacts

71D136fSYPL._SL1500_Worn, dirty, or wet contacts inside the battery case hinder the batteries’ electrical current from reaching the circuit board fully inside the remote control. If the contacts appear pitted, discolored, or are wet, you need to dry and polish them before any battery can power a remote control successfully. You can polish contacts with fine-grit sandpaper such as fine steel wool or 400-grit.

Reset the System

Receivers and remote controls are small computers. At times, a reset is necessary to reboot the circuit boards in the receiver and remote control. A reset takes place by taking out the batteries in the remote for about 30 seconds and re-installing them. A reset on a receiver occurs by unplugging it from your wall socket for approximately 30 seconds before re-plugging it in.

Ensure you are in the range

For the remote control to function, it should be within its IR signal-sending range. Therefore, if you notice it isn’t functioning appropriately, ensure there’s a clear view line between the door and the control. Equally, if you are pressing the button at the end of the street the probability of it communicating with the door opener is slim.

If the listed recommendations don’t sort the issue, it might be time to call in garage door repair Weston. We’ll be glad to help with queries, so contact our team if your automatic door isn’t responding to the remote.