Replacing a garage door is a hefty decision people have to make at one point or another. The decision people make can hem on the price of the garage door, the materials made to construct it, and weather conditions of the area.

The two most popular options people will choose is a wood or steel door. Both doors have their pros and cons and should be taken seriously in terms of their longevity and sturdiness. Garage doors are an investment and the type of choice will affect how serviceable the product is several years down the road.

Excellent Aesthetics, Higher Curb Appeal

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Our garage door repair in Sunrise understand how curb appeal can be valuable in the world of real-estate. Wood has always been popular for its timeless beauty and elegance when combined with a home.

Homeowners who invest in a wood garage door will enjoy the aesthetic compared to one constructed out of vinyl or steel. Homeowners who have a home facing the street will appreciate the look of the wood and the bump in property value too.

What are the downsides to having a gorgeous wood garage door? Well, pricing comes into account early on since these doors do tend to be on the higher end of the spectrum. Homeowners shopping around on a budget may want to steer clear of this type of garage door, but if it’s no concern there is the maintenance to keep in mind too.

We provide excellent Sunrise garage door service, but we do want our clients to understand the differences in maintenance when it comes to steel and wood. Steel garage doors don’t require much if any upkeep to begin with other than a cursory check and cleaning once in a while to ensure everything is operating smoothly.

Wooden doors are beautiful, but they do have to paint or refinished every couple of years. The wood is exposed to the weather on a daily basis so the extra cost of keeping can add up over time.

Handles the Elements, And the Price Tag isn’t too Bad Either

garage door repair in SunriseThe other downside to keeping in mind with even the best of wooden garage doors is they’re affected by heat, rain, and humidity. Steel doors, on the other hand, may be a better choice for homeowners shopping on a budget and they have no desire to deal with the upkeep of the wood version. There are versions of steel doors that are constructed to have the appearance of wood, so homes facing the street can still maintain their curb appeal.

One of the main concerns we’ve learned as a garage door repair in Sunrise is insulation when it comes to steel versus wood. Steel can typically be a poor insulator for a home, especially for homes that are attached to the home, used as a workshop, or even as an extra room. Wood is considered the better insulator since many do contain insulation in today’s market. Being able to have a well-insulated garage door means being warmer in winter and cooler in the summer.

The other downside to having a steel garage door is keeping an eye out for rust, but this depends on pricing. Steel garage doors have a polyester coating that prevents the door from rusting. Cheaper steel doors will often have this coating wear away or won’t be well constructed. Removing rust is not time-consuming nor difficult, but homeowners do have to catch it early on and remove it immediately. Steel doors can also dent and receive scratches, but this can be avoided by choosing one with a higher density.

Our garage door repair services in Sunrise have dealt with both steel and wooden doors. Choosing the best one should hinge on the homeowner’s budget, whether the garage is attached to the home or not, and dealing with the upkeep required for each one. We highly recommend taking a look at both since there are benefits of each one.