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Though it may go unnoticed, your garage door opener is one of the most valuable mechanical features in your home. Not only does a properly functioning garage door opener provide a quick and easy access to your home, but it also provides an added security measure for your family. Maintaining your garage door opener to avoid mechanical or other part failures is important to extend the life of your garage door opener. The professionals at Garage Door Pros are your top trusted garage door repair Weston specialists in Florida. If you have a problem with your spring this can be a dangerous job to take on without the proper experience. Our professionals have the expertise that it will take to repair your garage door opener and return it to its brand new operating state.

Garage Door Maintenance

garage door repair WestonProperly maintaining your garage door is imperative for protecting your valuable investment and saving in costly repairs. Some small key steps can help you to avoid larger mishaps. As you are operating your garage door watch it for jerky movements or loud scraping noises, frequently examine all roller brackets and bolts and tighten with a socket wrench if necessary, test the balance to ensure that the garage door is properly balanced, inspect and replace rollers and weather stripping when necessary, always make sure to lubricate moving parts and check the cables, and finally always make sure that the tracks are clear and the auto-reverse safety feature is fully functioning.

Garage Door Spring Common Problems

Your garage door spring is an important mechanism responsible for keeping your garage running in top working order. If there is a problem with your garage door spring, it is important to know that our garage door service in Weston is here to help you with your repair. With extended use, the springs in the garage door can wear down and break. There are several signs your garage door spring is on the fritz. If your garage door goes up only 6” and stops or goes up very slowly when using the garage door opener these are some immediate common signs. If you heard a very loud bang in the garage it is likely that a spring has snapped. Also when an extension spring snaps it is easily identifiable because you will see the spring and cable hanging down or lying on the floor.

Garage Door Spring Repairs

Trying to repair your garage door spring on your own is usually not a good idea. While some think this repair is a quick and easy fix, it is actually a detailed process that requires a trusted professional. If you attempt the repair yourself you are not only imposing a safety hazard as the heavy springs and cables can further snap and cause injury, but you can also create further damage resulting in added costs of repairs. Typically replacing a garage door spring with esteemed company costs between $100 and $200.00. Weston garage door repairs offer premier services with Garage Door Pros who have a great reputation and are highly trusted in their area.

Our Esteemed Weston Garage Door Repair

garage door repair WestonFor garage door service in Weston, Florida, Garage Door Pros should be your first call. Their esteemed professionals are qualified and highly experienced in tackling all of your garage door repair needs. They have been servicing your area and have been an industry leader since 2012.

They pride themselves on services that are timely and effective ensuring that they use the most economical method for your installation, repair, and maintenance so that you can get the most of your dollar. Additionally, they promise to beat any of their competitor’s estimates by 5%.

These qualified professionals have over 900 Five Star Reviews so you can feel confident when you trust them with your valued investment. Give them a call today. They will give you a good idea of what will be needed to get your garage door running like brand new. Their excellent customer service representatives will answer all of your questions and concerns, and you are sure to be completely satisfied with their services. For garage spring repair in Weston, Garage Door Pros are your number one choice.