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When is it Time to Replace that Garage Door

Is your garage door giving you trouble? Is it difficult to open? Does it open? Is it an old style garage door with no remote opener? Are the windows single paned? What is your garage door made from? Is it energy efficient? Did the garage door come with the house? How long have you owned your home? Most garage doors can be expected to last 15-20 years on average. If your garage door hasn’t been replaced in that time span, it is probably time to take a good look at that aspect of your home. It seems that the garage door is an often overlooked part of a home–that is until it stops functioning as it should. Additionally, many safety features have been added to garage doors since 1992, every door now reverses if something is in the way and has a photo eye for extra protection. If your door hasn’t been replaced since before 1992, you owe it to yourself and your family to replace the door.

Thing Break and Need Maintained

Sunrise garage door repair companyEverything needs maintenance from time to time to keep it in peak condition. Things with moving, mechanical, parts need a little more maintenance than a stationary object. Your garage door is more complicated than it appears. It needs regular maintenance and sometimes repairs to protect your investment. Springs and rollers can break, cables can snap. Your door can get off track. While it might seem simple to try and replace things yourself, it’s best to have a professional do them. An experienced and trained professional works with all brands of garage doors, on all types of houses, and best know the mechanics of your individual door. They can assure the safety of the repair, thus protecting your home, your family, and your guests. A trained professional can teach you what routine maintenance you can do yourself to protect your investment. Best of all, new garage door openers feature a battery backup so that you are not locked out of your garage during a power outage.

Motors Wear Out

The motor that opens and closes your garage door is not a permanent fixture, or at least isn’t permanent if you wish to have a safe and operating garage door. On average, a garage door opener only lasts 10-15 years. Although garage door motors are a fairly simple mechanical machine, they still have parts that wear out and parts that need to be maintained. If you do not know the age of your motor or it hasn’t been replaced since 1993, it is best to replace it for safety. New standards were introduced in 1993 that required all garage doors to have a safety backing mechanism to prevent garage doors from closing on people, animals or objects. Newer garage doors are also equipped with better anti theft devices such as remotes that change their codes each time a garage door is used and key free systems, such as keypads on the outside of the door.

Finding Someone for your Garage Door

Garage Door ProsYour garage door is an important feature of your home. A good quality garage door adds value and security. As with any home repair or upgrade, you need quality materials and professional installation to ensure that the job is done correctly. The Garage Door Pross is your local source for Sunrise expert garage door repair and replacement. We are a locally owned business with many years of experience in garage door issues. We proudly maintain a five-star rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Customer satisfaction is our goal. We have lines available twenty-four hours a day to address your garage door emergencies, to answer your questions, and to schedule a time for one of our professionals to come to your home. Your local Sunrise garage door repair company is here when you need them, whether you need repairs, maintenance, or it is time to replace your garage door. We will work with you to find the correct solution for your home’s value and safety.