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Your garage door is made up of multiple moving parts, which means that at some point they will need replacing. The garage door spring is arguably the most important part of the door. How long does that spring last, and how will you know when it’s time to replace it? Here’s everything you need to know.

How Long Does A Garage Door Spring Last?

On average, you can expect a garage door spring to last around 7-9 years. That’s assuming the garage door sees an average amount of use, at four cycles per day. Most garage door repair services in Hollywood will tell you, though, that the lifetime decreases the more you use your door. You’ll need to keep this in mind if you’re the kind of family who uses your garage door as a front door or main entrance to your home. In rare cases, the spring can break in less than a year. However, you can avoid that most of the time, so it’s something you won’t have to worry about.

How to Check If A Spring Needs Replacing

Garage-Services-img-home-V2-01-300x185How do you know if the springs on your garage door are on their way out? You can do a very simple check, to ensure that they’re still working correctly. First, you’ll want to unplug your door from the garage door opener and open it manually. Open it about halfway and leave it to balance on the tracks. If the door remains in place, then the springs are still fine. If the door starts to shut on its own, then the springs are wearing out and need to be replaced.

You can also examine the springs, to see if they’re wearing out. Older springs will lose tension, and you’ll be able to see that as they’ll look looser. It’s best to test them as described before you replace them.

DIY Or Professional Replacement

So, you’ve tested your springs, and they need to be replaced. Should you replace them yourself or have a professional do it for you? There are several guides online that show you how to replace your springs, but we strongly recommend having a garage door repair Hollywood handle it for you. This is because springs are very dangerous when mishandled.

A lot of tension is needed to open your garage door, and the door springs hold all of this tension. If you make a mistake while taking them out, they can cause injury. To be safe, you’ll want to ask an expert to replace them for you. They can take them out safely and get them replaced, so you can start using your garage door again.

What Else to Look For

Hire a Trustworthy Sunrise Garage Door Repair CompanyIt’s a good idea to do a yearly check up on your garage door. As a piece of machinery with moving parts, something will always need tuning up and replacing.

Check the auto stop: Place a brick or piece of wood in front of the door, then lower the door. You’re looking to see if the sensors pick up on the obstruction and open the door again before it hits it. If it doesn’t stop, the sensor may need cleaning or replacing.

Lubricate all moving parts: You’ll only need about ten minutes to lubricate all the moving parts on your door. This will keep them moving easily and prevent any issues from happening further down the line.

Clear the tracks: The tracks your garage door travels on will get dirty and grimy with time. In some cases, this can affect how the door opens. Give them a good clean to provide your garage door with a clear path.

Watch and listen to the door: Often, it’s apparent if something is wrong with the garage door. Is it shaking or jerking as it moves? Is it making loud noises when you operate it? If you’re not sure what the cause is, ask a garage door repair company to come to check it out for you.

It’s easy to check if you need new garage door springs, so if it’s been over seven years, take a few minutes to have a look. If they do need replacing, a garage door company will be happy to switch them out for you.