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Garage rollers are essential for a smooth, safe, and quiet operation of your garage door. Choosing the right garage door rollers for your garage door can be tricky. This is because roller come in various sizes and even those can be made up of different types. Over time, your garage door rollers will experience natural wear and tear and may start to fall apart.

Garage door repair in Sunrise can help you figure out which rollers are best for your garage doors. You’ll know when you need new rollers because the garage door will be loud, move slowly, and sometimes, not work at all. Here’s how to pick out the best type of garage door rollers for your doors.

Plastic Rollers with No Ball Bearings

Garage Door Broken RollersAny garage door service company is going to install these with your new doors. as they are the most common. These rollers will last you for about 2 to 3 years before they need to be replaced. This type of roller is a low-cost solution for home builders. So, if you have a brand new, recently built home it’s likely that you have plastic rollers with no ball bearings. We can replace these with different types of rollers if you wish.

Steel Roller with 7 Ball Bearings

A great upgrade from the standard plastic rollers, these steel rollers have 7 ball bearings that can be lubricated. This means that they can last you well over 5 years. However, they won’t be as quiet or as smooth as other rollers. With the 7 ball bearings, each roller is good for 5,000 to 7,000 cycles. Additionally, each roller is rated to hold about 35 pounds.

Steel Roller with 10 Ball Bearings

One of the best options when it comes to ball bearings, adding three extra bearings provides a smoother and quieter roll with much less friction. The exposed ball bearings provide a lubrication point for the entire life of the roller. These rollers are rated at 75 pounds per roller. Steel rollers with 10 ball bearings are good for about 10,000 to 15,000 cycles. These steel rollers are louder than the nylon tire rollers. But, if you don’t mind the noise, they’re a great option and come highly recommended by us our team of garage door repair Sunrise.

Nylon Roller with 10 Ball Bearings

These rollers are made from heavy duty nylon which helps to prevent the natural wear and tear of the roller and provides a quieter experience. It features exposed bearings to provide a lubrication point. Typically, these rollers are rated 75 pounds per roller and last anywhere between 10,000 to 15,000 cycles. This is the equivalent average life of a torsion spring.

Nylon Roller with 13 Ball Bearings

Broken Garage door Springs and The Best Way to Approach ItAgain, this roller is going to be quieter than the steel rollers. The nylon roller with the 13 ball bearings is very popular because they’re designed to last 20,000 cycles thanks to the 13 ball bearings. This specific design helps to keep dirt, moisture, and other harmful elements that could potentially damage the bearings out. The 13 ball bearings also increase the cycle life and provide a smoother operation and reduce stress on the automatic opener. More bearings in a garage door roller spread the weight load out and increase the performance ability as well as cycle life.

When is it Time to Replace Your Garage Door Rollers?

We recommend having your garage door rollers replaced with you have your garage door springs replaced. You’ll notice your garage door rollers getting louder and louder as they wear. If they’re not properly cared for throughout their cycle life, the ball bearings will generate pits in the metal. This is what causes the increase in noise. If you start to hear a clicking sound then you need to call us at garage door repair services in Sunrise. Your rollers are quickly in need of needing to be replaced. Poorly running garage doors can cause a huge amount of problems that range from the garage door going off track to the drive gears, sprockets, and belts of the garage door opener wearing out. Give us a call today if you’re in need of new garage door rollers.