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Hurricanes have the ability to tear through anything in their path and wreak havoc for residents and homeowners. If you have been lucky enough not to experience first-hand the destruction that a storm can cause, you would have seen images on TV of the havoc that these storms are capable of causing. Loss of power, torn roofs, smashed windows, parts of houses blown away, doors blown in, and more- storm damage can be very dangerous and very expensive to deal with.

So have you ever wondered how your house would stand up to any storm? Have you taken any steps to reinforce your home, especially if you live in a hurricane-prone area? You might be surprised to know that while you may first and foremost think about the roof, doors, and windows of your house, your garage door is actually the doorway to disaster during a storm, if not properly reinforced. It is the most vulnerable to potential storm damage. Read on to find out how you can keep your garage door intact during a storm.

Keep your Door Intact During a Storm

Here are some useful steps you can take to make your garage door much more secure during a storm.

  • Look for the pressure rating. If you have an older garage door, it may not have been manufactured to handle wind pressure during a storm. If your garage door does not meet the standard for the new pressure codes, you may want to invest in a new door that has the pressure rating, wind sped rating, or your town/county approval.
  • Choose an “active system” or “passive system” garage door. These door options, although expensive, can provide much safety during a storm. Who can put a price on that? The “passive system” is very easy to secure prior to a storm. You just shut it and lock it, and it’s good to go. The “active system” door requires the installation of vertical wind posts to secure the door. These posts are then later removed after the storm.
  • Retrofit your garage door. If you find yourself in a financial bind, you can think about purchasing a retrofit kit. As long as the door is in good condition, correctly installing the kit can protect you from 150-miles-per-hour winds. While you can install these kits yourself, it is recommended to hire a professional to ensure correct installation. In Florida, Garage Door Pros is your go-to garage door repair company. We can help you with installing a kit or any other type of reinforcement you would like. Our expert professionals can also guide you in making the right decision about the best way to reinforce your garage door so that you and your home stay safe during a storm.

With careful thought and appropriate measures, your garage door should be able to withstand most storms. Unfortunately, there cannot be a 100% guarantee with any reinforcement. Sometimes it’s just a matter of your home being located in the direct path of a storm. But you can rest assured that in case of any damage, Garage Door Pros can be at your service to quickly repair any damage to your garage door. We have qualified and experienced technicians that will provide the best of service so that all your garage door issues are effectively and efficiently dealt with.

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Only experienced professionals will be able to tell you if your garage door is fixable or if you need to replace it. Our Sunrise garage door service will provide you with quality, timely service at competitive prices. Installation of a new door, if needed, is also easily done. So contact Garage Door Pros today for any preventive, repair, or installation service for your garage door.