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Garage doors offer a blend of security, convenience, and refinement that most homeowners frequently under appreciate until something breaks. Being the biggest moving part of most homes, they’re vulnerable to wear and tear that can decrease visual appeal, degrade usability, and possibly compromise security and safety.

Remember, the garage door is an investment, which requires regular maintenance. After all, we use them more than we may realize. One of the issues that most homeowners may overlook is broken garage door springs. Some may not even know that garage doors require maintenance to keep them functioning properly.

If you’re among the many who don’t understand how to maintain your garage door springs, Garage Door Repair Plantation is the place to seek expert advice. These tips will help you extend the lifespan of these vital components.

Adjustments and Inspections

The spring mechanism for garage doors should undergo inspection every 12 months as part of a complete maintenance program. At garage door service plantation, we have certified and experienced technicians who are knowledgeable in every aspect of garage door springs.

Whether the issue needs full replacement or repair, we will evaluate your situation and develop the best and most affordable solution. It is imperative that a trained professional conduct repair and maintenance of garage door springs because handling the springs and a heavy door is extremely dangerous.

Garage Door Repair Plantation

Keep the Springs from Rust

Rust is one of the major causes of breakage in torsion springs. Nevertheless, you can avoid this with basic maintenance, which helps extend the springs’ life. If left unchecked, rust can wreak havoc on any machinery, resulting in costly repairs. Furthermore, rust can eat away at the springs, causing them to break or snap before they’re supposed to and this is dangerous.

Thankfully, you can keep corrosion at bay by simply lubricating your springs every couple of months. It’s also important to take this time to examine other parts of the garage door to determine whether any noticeable damage exists.

Additionally, you should ensure your garage doesn’t have excess moisture, which could lead to the development of rust faster than expected. When it comes to lubricants, avoid WD-40 because the short-term lubricant will strip the spring’s oil. Instead, buy a lubricant that’s safe to use on the parts of a garage door.

Purchase the Best Products

Another source for broken springs is a cost-saving strategy that installers can use. Installing a long spring rather than two shorter ones can save you considerable money on installation. However, it can cause tension increase in your spring, particularly for heavier objects.

If you’re investing in a garage door, it’s also important to invest in quality equipment to keep it functioning properly in the long run. If you use this door daily, it’s advisable to splurge a bit on torsion springs with a longer life than most of those on the market.

At Garage Door Repair Plantation, we provide quality springs and install them for you in a short time. Beware that a garage door with a broken spring can fall fast and cause death or injury. Therefore, it’s imperative you invest in high-end springs from our garage door repair company.

Conduct Personal Checks

broken springsAlthough a technician should examine garage doors occasionally, you should conduct your regular checks. This way, you can spot minor indications of damage and establish whether to contact a specialist for repairs.

Ensure you note any strange noises when using the door. It’s easier to do so when you shift the door manually. If you lack experience with garage door maintenance or repairs, attempting to change the springs on your own could result in injuries. Therefore, it’s important you consult a professional when you see signs of wear.

Check for Balance

Another reason why torsion springs break apparently more quickly than expected is that the garage door is off balance. The counterweight system of your garage door seeks to prevent the motor from overworking, which could possibly decrease its operating life.

It’s advisable you contact a garage door expert who will be able to do it faster and more safely than the average homeowner would. Bear in mind that torsion springs can contract and expand differently as they age and are subject to varying temperatures, so it’s necessary to check every so often to establish whether they’re still working appropriately in conjunction with one another.