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Broken garage doors are a security and safety hazard in your home. At Garage Door Pros we believe that knowing how to recognize broken pieces on your garage door is a useful skill. When you can identify a broken part on your garage door, you can give us a call right away so that we can fix it for you and make your home safe and secure once more.

In order to recognize a problem with the garage spring, you must first know what a torsion spring is. Compared to extension springs or compression springs that involve pushing and pulling forces, a torsion spring operates with a twisting energy impetus.

broken springsTorsion springs are most often used for a hinge, to balance weight on opposite sides or ends, or as lever returns. They differ in size from those used in a mousetrap to those used for a 150-pound garage door. Most torsion springs and are made from stainless steel or music wire.

Regardless of their manufacturing material, torsion springs are made to return to their original position after being twisted. However, their ability to do this can be limited if the spring is rotated too far.

It is essential to use springs made by experienced manufacturers so that you can be confident the spring will do the job it was designed and built for. A broken or faulty spring is the last thing we at Garage Door Pros want our customers to have to deal with, especially on their own. We suggest monthly inspections to ensure your garage door and springs are functioning securely and safely. The following are indicators that something may be wrong with the springs in your garage door.

A door that refuses to open is a clear warning sign that the door needs further attention. There are a number of reasons why a garage door may not be opening. The most simple and easy to correct is when something is obstructing the tracts, and it simply needs to be removed. Another reason your garage door may not want to open is due to a broken or askew cable. Lastly, a door that will not open can mean a broken spring. Any time you encounter a problem with your garage door; please consult the experts at Garage Door repair Fort Lauderdale so that the problem can be safely and accurately diagnosed.

Another thing to look for is wear or damage to the spring itself. You can observe this by standing inside the garage with the door closed. Look to see if the springs are visibly worn. Check to see if there is any unusual spacing in the spring. Look to see if the springs are stretched out or elongated, this may indicate a loss of tension. Next, switch off the automatic opener after the door is closed and verify whether you can manually open the garage door. Healthy springs, in good working order, will enable you to manually lift the door with relative ease, little resistance, and all the way up. Can you manually lift the door? Does it lift easily? Will it open all the way? A negative to any of those points could be cause for concern or at least justification for closer inspection by a professional.

Broken Garage Door Roller RepairThe last test you should perform for an automatic opener is a force setting test. When the garage door is completely open, use either the wall button or the automatic closer to close the door. As it closes, stand by the door and hold out your hands. All doors made after 1993 have a safety feature which should automatically reverse the direction of the door when it comes in contact with your hands. If the door has difficulty reversing or simply continues to close, remove your hands right away and give Garage Door Pros a call. An issue like this indicates a problem with the safety feature or the springs.

After you have thoroughly checked the springs, make sure also to check the door springs, the mounting hardware, pulleys, cables, and rollers for any signs of damage or wear. Remember, just because a spring may appear to be in good condition does not mean that the other parts are not damaged, and continued use can put stress on the overall function and health of the door.

No matter what problem you may be experiencing with your garage door, Garage Door Pros is here to help you. Don’t wait until your garage door has stopped functioning altogether. Give us a call today!