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Broken Spring RepairIf you’re in the market for new garage doors, you’ve actually got a couple of options. You can have two doors placed in your garage, allowing access to two different vehicles separately. You can, on the other hand, have one large double door installed instead. Both of these are good options, but which one should you go with? Here’s everything you need to know, so you can make the right decision for you.

Single Doors

Single garage doors are great for a number of reasons. One of the biggest reasons is that of aesthetics. Two garage doors look much more in proportion to the rest of your house, and so they can look a lot better than one large garage door.

As well as this, they’re a good safety measure to have if there’s ever a malfunction with one of the doors. If one door won’t open, then you still have access in and out of the garage, while you wait for garage door repair Miramar to come to you. A large garage door, if broken down, can stop you getting access to the garage entirely.

There’s also the issue of cold or humidity. Two garage doors reduce the flow of cold or humid air into your garage door. If your garage is connected to the house, then this can make a real difference to your heating or air conditioning bills.

Double Doors

One large double door can be tempting for many reasons when two separate doors just won’t cut it. For example, if you have larger vehicles, then they may not fit comfortably through a single door. When this is the case, a larger double door can give you the room you need. As well as this, they’re great for new or nervous drivers. There’s much less chance of accidentally hitting the frame of the door when it’s larger.

There’s also the cost of installation to consider. It’s surprising to some homeowners that a double door can actually be cheaper to install than two single doors. If you’re looking to keep the cost of remodeling your garage down, it’s worth talking to a local Miramar garage door service, such as us, about having a larger door installed.

One of the best benefits of a large garage door though is that it makes it much more accessible. For some people, it can make the world of difference. For example, people who use wheelchairs will find it much easier to get in and out of their garages with one large garage door. They’re also great for elderly homeowners, as they can get in and out of their garage much more easily.

Which One Should You Get?

So, there are a good few reasons why two single or one large garage doors could be good for your home. Which one should you get? Consider these things before you make up your mind:

  • garage-door-roller-repair-service-fort-lauderdale-floridaIs your home attached to the garage? If it is, you’ll want to keep your home as comfortable as possible. Two garage doors can help you control airflow through your home.
  • If your garage isn’t attached to your home, you’ll need to think about accessibility. If a door malfunction, can you still get in the garage? With two smaller doors this won’t be a problem, but with one large door, it can be.
  • Do you need more room to get in and out? You may need to get a wheelchair in and out, or you may have a larger car. If you do, a larger garage door may be for you.
  • How important is the aesthetic of your home? If your garage is on the front of your property, two smaller garage doors will look better. If it’s on the back, a larger garage door may be the best option.
  • What’s your budget? You may find that getting a larger door may actually be cheaper, so you’ll need to speak to your garage door service for a quote before you decide.

Which option is best for you? It really is up to you and your home. Use this guide to help you decide what’s best for you and your home, and you’ll have a garage that’s just right for you.