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How often do you open and close your garage door? Does it go through a cycle (opening and closing) once or twice a day? What about three times a day? The lifespan of a garage door is determined by how many cycles it completes in one day. Two cycles a day means you can expect your garage door to last at least ten years, three to four brings it down to five to seven years, and that number continues to decline as time goes on.

Maintenance is Key

FXMZB17HLSHHDNI.MEDIUM-300x225Why do garage doors break down so easily if you increase the number of cycles they go through per day? The reason has to do with garage door repair Tamarac because it creates wear and tears on separate components. Garage doors use a system of pulleys, springs, and motors to go up and down that corrode over time. These separate systems work seamlessly together to operate and when one starts to rust or fall apart you can expect the rest to follow suit.

This is why maintenance is key to extending the life of your garage door since problems early on can be caught. Spring corrosion is a common factor people may not be aware of that can corrode rapidly given the chance. Signs the springs are going bad is a loud screeching sound, the garage door has difficulty opening and closing, or it takes multiple tries to get it to open. The springs will need to be replaced, but continued maintenance of lubricant being applied regularly will help to keep them in good shape.


Garage door repair service in Tamarac is a necessity since the components don’t last forever and need to be properly maintained. Sometimes the only option is to go with a new garage door instead of continuing use the old one. Repairs and proper maintenance can make a garage door last longer than a decade, but the costs will continue to increase the longer it needs to be maintained.

Garage Door Repair in Palm BeachYou should consider investing in a new garage door if the old one is over ten years old and breaks down frequently. The type of material a garage door is made of plays a major factor in how long it’s able to withstand the elements over time. Wooden garage doors typically look nicer but require a fresh coat of paint every couple of years to prevent them from warping. Stainless steel garage doors are typically cheaper than their wooden counterparts and will last longer with time. When purchasing a steel door you will have to be careful of rust since it will corrode it over time and nip it in the bud if telltale reddish-brown spots start appearing.

Our garage door repair company is here to help you get the most out of your investment and to make sure it stands the test of time. Proper maintenance like cleaning off the tracks when dirt and debris get on them and lubricating properly every three to six months will go a long towards making your unit last.

If you’re considering going with the new garage door option, don’t pick the one with the lowest price tag. Choose an option that is sturdy, has good value, and is made of a strong material. Too many times we’ve seen people purchase a garage door only to find too late their investment is shoddily made and needs to be replaced. Do your research and go with a trusted brand so you know for certain you’re getting good value for your money.

We’re more than happy to help out new and old clients who are looking to replace their old garage door with a new one or need repairs done for their current one. Please feel free to give us a call if you have an inquiry or need to set up an appointment.