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If you want an efficient garage door that is quiet and reliable, then you’re going to need high-quality door rollers. Rollers are amongst the most critical parts of your garage door, ensuring smooth movement whenever the door is opening or closing. Problems with rollers can cause noise, a stuck garage door, or even a door that is in danger of falling from its runners.

If you’re thinking about Weston garage door repair services and you want to know which rollers you should use, then this guide will be able to explain all of the key differences, as well as the differences between nylon and steel rollers.

Using Nylon and Steel in Weston Garage Door Repair

To clear things up right away, nylon rollers are the best solution for any garage door. Why? Because they’re quieter, they last longer, and they allow for smoother operation. This is not to say that steel rollers would be the wrong choice, and ultimately it depends on the options that are available to you when a technician comes to visit. In addition to being able to choose different materials, different rollers include better bearing systems, and some have no bearings at all.

Let’s take a look at some of the most common types…

If you’re aiming for a budget repair where you want the absolute lowest cost, then you will have the option of a plastic roller without ball bearings. These are usually the standard rollers used on cost effective garage doors, and while they are quiet, they usually only last for two years, with three years being the absolute maximum life that you’ll get from a plain plastic roller. When you’re booking Weston garage door repair, it is highly recommended that you avoid these budget rollers. It’s simply not worth the hassle of having them replaced in a couple of years’ time, and you’ll end up paying more in service fees.

Weston garage door repair servicesFor a step up from the basic plastic rollers, you can look at steel rollers with a ball bearing system. As you can imagine, steel is much harder than plastic and can last for much longer. In fact, with a steel roller, you’ll end up replacing them not because the wheel has failed, but because the bearings inside have failed. A 7 ball bearing steel roller can typically last for around 5000 opening and closing cycles of your garage door. A steel roller with more ball bearings will cost slightly more but can be expected to last longer. Be warned, because steel rollers come with a significant problem: noise! If you want the benefits of durability and quiet smooth operation, then you’re going to need to move up to a nylon bearing.

When you’re offered nylon rollers from Weston garage door repair services, the best advice is that you go with this option. If you choose a high-quality nylon roller with up to 13 ball bearings, you can expect a long lifetime with up to 20,000 garage door open and close cycles. More ball bearings mean better durability and longer life, and the nylon material means that the garage door opening and closing movement will be smooth and quiet. If you want to go a step further for even better performance and maximum durability, then you could purchase rollers that use double sealed ball bearings. These are more resistant to dust and moisture and can allow your garage door rollers to last even longer than the 13 ball bearing types.

Should You Buy and Install Your Own Garage Door Rollers?

Garage-Services-img-home-V2-04At Garage Door Pros’, we know that many of our clients love to get involved with DIY work around the home. There’s something uniquely satisfying about repairing and improving something with your very own hands. However, when it comes to your garage door, we do recommend booking one of our Weston garage door repair techs for any of your maintenance.

Garage doors are complex in nature, and sometimes if you try to make a repair or improvement with good intentions, you might find that you end up damaging your door or reducing its performance. By booking a service, you’ll be able to ensure that you get the right parts for your specific door, and you’ll have peace of mind knowing that they have been installed by a trained professional.

Whether it’s time to replace your rollers, or even if you’re having another problem with your garage door, insist on the Garage Door Pros’ team of Weston garage door repair services technicians.