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There’s a number of reasons why your garage door has come off its tracks. Miramar Garage Spring Repair wants you to know that, first, a garage door that has come off its tracks is extremely dangerous. If it comes off its tracks while you are opening or closing the door, please stop the process immediately and do not use it again until we have sent someone out to look at it. An off the track garage door can slam on to your persons, car, or ground and potentially injure or damage you or something or someone important to you. Do not attempt to fix the garage door yourself, you will need to call a professional like us. So, here’s what you need to know about why this happens and how to fix it.

One or Two Roller Wear out and Break

Broken Garage door Springs and The Best Way to Approach ItIt’s not totally unlikely for one or two rollers to wear down and break; especially if you use your garage door frequently. This extra wear and tear cause extra stress on the other rollers and the hardware system. This stress can cause one or two rollers to break or come off the tracks. Garage door repair Miramar can help you determine if this is the case and what the safest and best next steps are. We can also help determine what your rollers are made from, as they come in nylon, steel, and nylon covered steel. They also come in different sizes. This, of course, is easy for us to determine, as we are professionals. However, someone like yourself might not know the difference and might not know the best course of action. That’s why it’s important to call us, the professionals.

One of the Lift Cable Broke

This is particularly rare, however, it can happen. This is especially true for older garage doors that haven’t been tuned up recently or have never been tuned up. When a lift cable breaks, all of the weight of the door will transfer to one side. But, as you probably know and might assume, one side cannot hold the entire weight of the door. During this unbalanced state, the rollers can come off their tracks and cause dangers and potential mayhem for you and your family. A professional garage door repair company can easily help you get your door tuned up and back on track. A professional will help you determine the size of your cables and get everything tuned up properly. Please keep in mind that these cables are wound up very tight. Making them very dangerous for an untrained professional to touch or handle.

Avoid Obstructions

Sometimes a perfectly brand new garage door can be thrown off its tracks because of something in its way. Something as small as a garbage can or bicycle can throw the rollers off their tracks. This typically shouldn’t happen, as many garage doors have sensors that prevent them from closing on small items and children. However, if the garage eyes aren’t aligned or have been knocked out of place, then it is possible that they could miss the obstruction and ultimately cause your garage door to close on something that might damage it.

Extreme Force

Garage Door Installation Service Pembroke PinesLife happens fast and when it does things get damaged! Repairing garage doors in Miramar because someone couldn’t wait to put the pedal to the metal isn’t totally uncommon. When you fail to wait for your garage door to fully lift before pulling out and you run into it with your car, you could potentially throw it off its rollers. If the impact is powerful enough to throw it off its tracks, you will know immediately. If this happens, please get out of your car and call Garage Spring Repair Miramar and we can help you as fast as we can.

Whether your garage door has fallen off its tracks or it just needs a simple tune-up, we can help. Call us today at Garage Door Pros in Miramar and find out how we can help.