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As long as your garage door goes down and up on command, it’s easy to ignore it. Yet, this facet of your home’s exterior is a vital element of its curb appeal. Therefore, you shouldn’t let it look shabby. As a huge part of your house’s façade, a clean and beautiful door makes a big difference in maintaining curb appeal.

If you wish to update the feel and look of your home, we recommend you give your garage door a fresh coat of paint to enhance its appearance, provide protection against the elements, and extend its lifespan.

If you find the task is too involving or time-consuming, garage door repair Plantation will gladly offer this service. Here’s what you need to know before you undertake this task.

Signs it’s Time to Repaint It

Fading Color

fxmzb17hlshhdni-mediumIt’s normal for paint to start fading because of the paint’s exposure to the sun, rain, and ultraviolet rays. Consequently, your paint’s vibrancy will start losing color.

Color loss because of extended UV exposure might not appear like a serious issue. However, sunlight doesn’t just affect paint pigments; it affects coatings’ molecular structure as well, gradually degrading them.

Consequently, exterior surfaces end up looking washed out and dull; this is an indication of deteriorating paint film. It’s important to note that bold, darker tones typically fade faster than light ones.

Since colors fade gradually, identifying the degree of fading can be hard. One way of determining the extent of fading is examining the leftover paint or original sample against the current paint film.

Peeling or Cracking Paint

If you notice any areas of peeling or cracking paint, you need to repaint your garage door. Beware that the areas will continue deteriorating as they’re exposed to water, moisture, and the sun’s heat. Don’t wait too long because you’ll increase the likelihood of exposing your door to the elements. Eventually, you’ll have to deal with costly repairs.

Water and Mold stains

Mold, water, and mildew stains aren’t merely unsightly, they can indicate a much bigger issue and possible health hazard. Fortunately, our qualified professionals at garage door repair company Plantation will advise you accordingly.

The exterior appears dirty and washing isn’t helping

Pressure washing can be a good way of removing mold and dirt left from rainy periods and winter months. However, if you notice washing doesn’t appreciably enhance your door’s look, it might be time for a new coat of paint.

What to Consider when Painting your Garage Door


The paint you select will largely depend on the door’s material, which is usually wood or metal. Whichever material your door comprises, you need an exterior paint. To make the task easier, we recommend you use paint with a primer. This way, you can skip the application of a primer coat.

Selecting Your Tools: Rollers, Brushes, or Spray

services-1-550x327-10Brushes are excellent for doors with crannies and nooks to ensure the paint covers the whole door, particularly when dealing with roller doors. They are okay for huge, flat surfaces but are more time-consuming. Furthermore, it can be hard to obtain a smooth and professional finish across the entire surface.

Rollers are perfect for painting doors with huge, flat surfaces, for instance, sectional or panel models. They can cover a huge section in a small period while offering a smooth finish. However, you’ll need to use them in conjunction with brushes to ensure you cover edges and cracks.

You’ll discover spray applicators are a fast way of applying paint, but they can be costly, wasteful, and messy.

Painting Your Door

Start by painting the areas that won’t be visible once you close the door. Once they’re dried completely, close the garage door and work on the remainder of the door from top to bottom. Depending on your door, the paint, and the color used, a second paint layer might be necessary.

The second coat should be at right angles to the first coat-i.e. if you painted the first coat using horizontal stripes, you should use vertical stripes on the second one.

While it might seem like considerable work, painting the garage door is essential to maintaining every part of your home clean. Regardless of the type of garage door you own, you can restore it to its initial beauty or even enhance it.