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Garage Door ServiceKeeping your garage door running smoothly and efficiently is important for the safety of your family and your ease of accessibility to your home. The garage door is often used as a main entry point. If this doorway becomes un-operational, the frustrations can mount for the home owner. This is why it is so important to make sure all components of your garage door are maintained at all times to avoid any damage that could be caused by worn out or rusted parts. Understanding how damage to these parts can add up to excessive amounts of money and additional damage and repairs gives homeowners the motivation they need to stay on top of important maintenance protocols of their garage door parts. One main problem resulting in large defects is rust on the garage door spring.

Effects of Rust on Garage Door Springs

The more you use your garage door, the more prone it is to need more frequent maintenance. Even top quality garage doors with the most heavy duty parts can be detrimentally effected by rust on the garage door springs. As rust builds up on the metal, the core of the steel coil in the garage door spring becomes weakened. This causes increasing friction upon the up and down motion operation process of the garage door. Over time this friction will result in a garage door spring that will snap in half. This can be a dangerous and costly repair, and all home owners should be made aware of the negative effects that rust can have on their garage door springs.

Preventing Rust from Damaging your Garage Door

Preventing rust from damaging your garage door is simple. You must get in a routine of a proper maintenance protocol at regularly scheduled time intervals. The most effective way to ensure that rust does not build up on your garage door springs is to commit to spraying the coil with WD-40 at least four times a year minimum, but more for garage doors that are used on frequent basis. The lubricant from this valuable chemical prevents the rust from building up, reduces friction, and keeps the springs working smoothly, ultimately keeping your garage door in top working order.

The Importance of Hiring a Qualified Maintenance Company

While simple maintenance techniques such as lubricating the coils are a practical task for home owners to be able perform safely and effectively, certain maintenance that should be performed seasonally should be left to the professionals. Our experienced professionals at our garage door repair Davie Florida are just a phone call away and are equipped with the knowledge and state of the art tools that will be extremely beneficial for protecting your investment. With our premier maintenance plan we help to ensure that small problems are taken care of in a timely manner before they become more costly, larger problems. We will perform a thorough check of the gears, motors, springs, rollers, openers, and the various other small parts that play a big role in keeping your garage operating effectively.

Garage Door Service Davie

Garage Door ProsOur Garage Door Repair Davie technicians are the most qualified in the industry to handle your garage door needs. They are extensively trained and highly qualified in maintaining all necessary certifications. With over 900 Five Star Reviews you can be sure that we can handle all of your garage maintenance and repair needs. Our Davie garage door repair contractors have been in business building their reputation to industry leaders since 2012. Their services are timely and reliable and boast a price match guarantee to ensure you are always paying the lowest price with the highest quality work.

Maintaining your garage door is not something you want to forget about. Rust is one of the most detrimental ailments that can affect how your garage door operates because it erodes the coils. If not treated properly, you could incur very high costs in repairing your garage door. For expert advice our staff is available to help you assess your problem and answer all of your questions. Our estimates are always free, give us a call today to find out about protecting your investment.