Is it time for broken spring repair in Weston?

Springs are among the most critical components in your automatic garage door system. Both torsion and extension springs work to balance the weight of your garage door, ensuring that it opens and closes with a smooth action that doesn’t cause damage. When springs become damaged, your garage door requires manual operation, and if you have a large double car garage, faulty springs could render the door inoperable.

Spring replacement is a common Weston garage door repair service. Even when you use the best-treated metals, door springs will develop rust over time. If you don’t have your springs inspected and replaced at regular intervals, you run the risk of damaging your garage door.

Here’s how you can tell if it’s time to inspect or replace yours.

How Long Do Garage Door Springs Last?

Door springs can potentially last for up to thirty years, but the actual serviceable lifetime of most springs is between ten and fifteen years. Because each garage door is designed differently, it’s almost impossible to narrow down an exact lifetime. Humidity and other environmental conditions also make a difference in terms of durability.

It’s not uncommon to have garage door springs fail within five years. While poorly installed or low-quality springs are more at risk, rare manufacturing defects can also lead to failure in higher quality springs.

The only reliable way to check the health of your garage door springs is by booking Weston garage door repair services.

When to Call a Weston Garage Door Repair Company

If you’re concerned about your garage door springs, there are some telltale signs that you can look out for. If you notice any of the following symptoms of damaged or deteriorated springs, you should call for garage door service right away.

  • Your door isn’t hanging straight: A sagging or crooked garage door isn’t always a sign that you need a complete replacement. It could simply mean that a spring has failed or is starting to weaken, and a simple replacement could have your door back to hanging as it should.

  • Your door is difficult to open and close: If you are struggling to lift your garage door manually, or if the door is moving slowly under motorized use, it could indicate a problem with your springs.

  • Your door is louder than it used to be: Modern garage doors are surprisingly quiet when opening and closing. Creaking and squeaking while the door is moving are a sign that the springs are damaged or starting to fail.

  • Your door is slower than usual: This one is another clear giveaway that something is wrong with your springs. Garage doors use several springs to assist the motor. Even if a single spring fails, the motor won’t be able to reach full speed.

  • You see gaps in the springs: This one poses a real risk of injury and damage, so it requires that you take immediate action. Gaps between coils on the spring indicate overstressing of the metal. This increases the risk of catastrophic failure, injury, and damage to your vehicle or property.

  • You can see rust on the springs: Some surface rust is not uncommon and can be prevented with regular service and lubrication. However, extensive rust can compromise the underlying metal and lead to failure. Always rely on a professional service if you need garage door spring rust removal.

If you notice any of these signs and symptoms, you should contact a professional garage door repair company for broken spring repair as soon as possible.

Should You Remove Rust from Your Garage Door Springs?

Should You Remove Rust from Your Garage Door Springs?

Some homeowners have used steel wool or even metal cleaning products to remove rust from garage door springs. While this can take away the top layer of corrosion, it doesn’t actually stop the process. Instead, we recommend having your springs inspected to determine just how bad the rust problem is. Cleaning a heavily rusted spring could aggravate the damage and lead to failure, causing serious injury.

Get Expert Maintenance and Broken Spring Repair in Weston

Your garage door is one of the most critical features on your home. It provides a key entryway and offers year-round security. A faulty garage door isn’t just an inconvenience; it’s a major risk.

With Weston garage door services from Garage Door Pros, you can have confidence knowing that your door is fully functional and protected for years to come. Call us today for any of your maintenance and repair needs.