Six Garage Security Tips you Need to Know

Your garage is a vital part of your home and you need to make sure that you are keeping it properly protected. While it might be very useful, it also has the potential to be a serious weak spot. Not only do you keep a ton of valuables in there, it can also be a gateway to your home, which doesn’t help you to sleep at night, does it? So what do you do? How do you keep it safe? Well, we’ve come to the table with six very important garage security tips that you need to know about from your reputable garage door repair service in Miramar.

The First Tip: Install a Security System in your Garage

garage door repair service in MiramarThis tip borders on common sense, but we’re going to say it anyway: install a good security system in your garage and make sure that it is in good repair at all times. Once your alarm is set, it will sound off whenever anyone attempts to enter your residence without permission. Through this, you can ensure that emergency services are alerted to the situation immediately. Make sure that you choose a good security system provider to ensure that it works every single time.

Cover your Windows

What’s the first thing you do when you go shopping? You probably look in the shop window to see if they have anything you want. It shouldn’t surprise you too much to learn that most burglars often do the same thing. If you leave your garage windows uncovered, they’re going to look right in and they’re going to see everything you have. If you want to allow light to pass through, you can apply a translucent film to the window so that light will pass through, but you won’t have to worry about your belongings being visible.

Invest in Motion Detectors

If you really want to deter potential burglars, invest in motion detector lights. You can set these around the perimeter of your home and when someone approaches, all of the lights will activate, illuminating the vital areas, and quite frankly, terrifying them.

Keep Your Door Secure

Having an automatic garage door is the best thing you can do as it stops outside forces from opening the door. If you don’t have an automatic door, most come with a slide locking mechanism that you can use to keep the door firmly closed at night.

Keep the Remote out of the Car

Garage SecurityIf you’re parking the car in the driveway, we cannot emphasize this enough: DON’T leave the garage door opener in the car! This is the first place that potential burglars look, and if they have your opener, you might as well hand them the key to your house. Take it into your home with you at night unless you’re leaving the car inside the garage.

Put the Door on a Timer

If you can, install a timer that automatically closes your garage door at a certain time. The last thing you want to do is forget to close your door and leave your home open to the world. It happens more often than you think, so don’t fall into this trap!

These are just a few of the tips that you can use to ensure that your garage remains secure for the foreseeable future. Remember, there are always going to be ways for them to break in, however the idea here is to make your garage a less desirable target. By doing so you will ensure that they move on to the next house, and perhaps go for something a little easier. As always, do make sure that you are keeping your door in good repair as this will further help to ensure your security. It’s all about being vigilant!