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garage door tune-upIt can be hard for homeowners to troubleshoot issues with garage doors. After all, they can be complex, and unless you have training in garage door repair, it can be hard to fix them. We recommend you contact a professional from Sunrise garage door repair if you’re experiencing issues with your garage door. We can fix the problem quickly and safely.

Your garage door has numerous moving parts that need proper care and at times, replacement. You can replace components like tracks and rollers, but if the springs start going bad, you might sustain an injury when trying to replace them yourself.

Instead, you should watch for signs that the spring might be failing and contact our experts from garage door repair Sunrise to carry out a replacement. Here’s a list of signs to watch for.

Aging Springs

Aging springs put stress on your garage door system because of resiliency loss. New springs allow a heavy door to reach an open position using only 10 pounds of force. When springs reach the end of their lifespan, the power needed to lift your door is considerably more.

Another indication of failing springs is when your door opener starts straining as it tries to lift the garage door.

In either case, it’s time to consider spring replacement from Sunrise garage door service. Bear in mind that aging springs could break abruptly, and cause your door to shut violently.

Apparent Corrosion and Rust

The lifespan of your garage door depends on how well you maintain it. If you schedule regular maintenance, it’s unlikely that corrosion and rust will arise. On the other hand, if you neglect your door, rust and corrosion will set it and start undermining the integrity of the springs.

If you take a couple of minutes to inspect the springs and discover corrosion, there’s a high likelihood that spring failure is impending.

Creaking, Popping, and Screeching

When springs start making noises while performing their task, it implies that a breakdown is imminent. You can lubricate the springs which might end the noise temporarily. However, the damage is done at this stage and repair will be necessary.

The Door Opens Unevenly

If your garage door features two extension springs and one side opens faster than the other does, it probably implies that one spring has failed already and the other will fail in a comparatively shorter period.

Once you notice anything suspicious about the manner in which the door is opening, you must call for assistance before somebody gets hurt.

Signs of a Broken Garage Spring

Cables Appear to be Broken

When we get a phone call regarding a broke spring, the first thing homeowners typically say is that they have a broken cable. When a spring breaks cables can appear broken as they will fly in various directions, fall to the ground, and become detached from the door or get caught in between the door jamb and the garage door.

However, it’s rare for cables to actually break or require replacement as a result of a spring break. If your door has two torsion springs, the second one should maintain tight cables.

A Loud Bang in Your Garage

When a spring breaks, a considerable amount of energy is displaced. Torsion springs are usually over the garage door, and they feature a shaft that runs through the center. When breakage occurs, the spring unwinds in less than a second and produces a loud noise because of the coils rotating on the shaft.

The Door Goes Up Six Inches and Stops

Fort Lauderdale Garage Door RepairMost homeowners never realize they have a broken spring until they attempt to leave their home. If you push the button on your garage door opener and the door only goes up 6 inches, you have a broken spring. This is caused by an activation of sensitivity or opener force, restricting the opener from pulling the door up. It’s actually a good thing when the open force is set off as it avoids any damage to the opener or garage door.

Another scenario is when your door opens very slowly when you use the automatic opener. Some openers feature DC motors that begin slowly and gain speed as they go. If you have a broken spring, the opener might remain in the slower speed because of the door’s heavyweight. If this happens, close the door and drag the emergency release. Next, try lifting the door by hand. If it’s extremely heavy, you probably have a broken spring.

Everybody’s safety in the home depends on the smooth functioning of your springs. Don’t overlook the warning signs. Instead, contact the experts at garage door service sunrise for a prompt and effective solution.