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garage door tune-upThere is an irony in the garage door spring scenario. In a world in which products are often disposable and not built to last but to be replaced instead, the garage door spring is one of the best-designed parts of a garage door system but not always one of the best-built parts.

Like nearly anything, routine wear and tear are the most frequent and notable reasons why a garage door spring will fail. The torsion springs opening and closing the garage door are under a lot of pressure because they do most of the work in lifting a garage door to an open position and then returning it to a closed one. Each time the door opens completely and then returns to a closed position is one cycle. Torsion springs are rated for a certain number of cycles. The lower priced springs are rated for approximately ten thousand cycles if correctly installed while more costly springs can be rated for more than twice that amount.

Most everyone has heard the cliché one gets what one pays for and, while there is an element of truth in that notion, a higher price does not always guarantee a better product.

That is where we at Garage Door Pros come in. The average homeowner does not know anything about torsion springs. Aside from the obvious dangers involved in trying to replace a torsion spring without any experience, we know our business, and we can guide a customer to the best product for the money the homeowner wants to put into garage door springs Sunrise. That is true whether the job is a new door installation or a repair.

Improper or inadequate attention to maintenance can be a second reason for garage door spring failure. If not consistently lubricated, rust can form in the springs. Rust eats away at the springs and can cause them to break
under strain. Imagine trying to build a deck with water-damaged wood. Luckily, rust damage avoidance is relatively easy. Part of that effort involves checking for water inside the garage. Every few months is the recommendation. Once again, Garage Door Pros are up for the task.

A compromise on door springs can be the use of one long spring vs. two shorter ones. One long spring can reduce installation costs, but one spring also increases performance demand of the spring which causes the coils to have a shorter lifespan. That is the trade-off.

Another cause for torsion springs to break is an imbalance in the garage doors. Again, the reason we at Garage Door Pros are here is that we are equipped to balance the doors more quickly and

Garage Door Installation Service Pembroke Pinessafely than the average homeowner. As the springs age, they can expand and contract differently. Add to that the fact they are affected by temperature changes and one sees the need to verify intermittently that the springs are still working simultaneously.

The best way to prevent loss due to door springs is to have quality ones identified, recommended, and installed at the onset, and not only installed, but installed by someone expert at doing that. Additionally, you should have someone with the right ability properly service those springs regularly. We can do that for you at Garage Door Pros. After all, if you were suffering from back pain would you consult a veterinarian?