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Garage doors can be taken for granted by most homeowners, who may not even give it a second thought until it malfunctions. Garage doors unable to open or close, screech when opening, or begin to show signs of wear and tear are frustrating to deal with. They’re an inconvenience to a homeowner’s daily schedule in some instances can lead to a catastrophic failure.

Our garage door repair services in Tamarac are called upon during these inconvenient times to help homeowners with their malfunctioning door so they can get back to their daily schedule without any hassle. What if it’s inevitable your garage door is going to break down though, how do you ensure you’re not left in the lurch?

Knowing When It’s the Right Time for a Replacement

One of the caveats of owning a garage door is the continued maintenance it will require over the course of its life cycle. How long a garage door lasts depends on several factors:

  • Weather conditions
  • Maintenance
  • Construction quality
  • Local climate conditions

garage door repair services in Tamarac

Our garage door repair in Tamarac has helped many homeowners to extend the lifecycle of their investment and to solve some of these issues. We do a variety of repairs from replacing components like the spring mechanism or getting a garage door back onto its tracks so it rolls smoothly. Eventually, though, the garage door is going to break down to the point where a replacement will be needed.

The standard garage door will last for 20,000 cycles while the tension springs will only last for a quarter or half as long. There will come a point where the springs will have to be replaced, but the main component of the garage door will not. ‘Cycle’ refers to when a garage door opens and closes one time; in a nutshell, the more the door is used the sooner the springs will wear out.

How often the door is opened daily can also affect how often homeowners will need to request our garage door repair services. When a garage door is opened two times a day, it will typically last about fourteen years. When it’s opened four times daily, that time is halved and continues on down the line. Basically, the more a door is opened on a daily basis the less wear and tear it will be able to take. The average door though will provide on average ten to fifteen years of reliable service before it needs to be replaced.

How Can You Make a Garage Door Replacement Last?

Tamarac garage door repair servicesOur garage door repair services in Tamarac are often requested when a spring needs to be replaced, maintenance or a new one needs to be installed. Once a homeowner has replaced their existing garage door with a brand new one, the next step in the process is how to maintain their new one. Homeowners who do their own basic maintenance for their garage door will maximize its longevity, keeps vital components lubricated, and will provide years of reliable service.

The garage door itself needs to be cleaned on a semi-annual basis with water and mild detergent. Steel doors coated in wax will be resistant to severe weather but should be checked for rust at the first signs of deterioration. Wooden garage doors have to be repainted when they show the first signs of chipping or peeling since unprotected doors don’t last for long. Every three to six months, it’s a good idea to apply a light coating of lubricant to the rollers, springs, and hinges to keep these components working together. The rails of a garage door should also be wiped down of accumulated grime and dirt.

We take pride in providing top notch Tamarac garage door repair services in and encourage our clients to take good care of these vital components of their home. When you encounter a problem, you won’t be able to handle on your own, be sure to give us a call so we can help.