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Since your garage is a part of your house, and one of the first points of entry from the outside, you want to keep it as secure as possible. For this reason, you want your garage door to be sturdy and able to withstand any harsh elements of nature. High winds like those from hurricane activity are capable of causing extensive damage to garage doors. In the case of any kind of wind damage, it is best to contact a reputable garage door repair Miramar company. Garage doors are quite heavy and have many different parts, so they can pose a risk of serious injury if mishandled by an amateur. This work is best left to experienced professionals.

Types of Wind Damage

Your Garage Door Repair Company in LauderhillDuring a storm, the wind pressure on the outer, as well as the inner door surfaces may be positive or negative (suction), depending upon the direction of the wind and the configuration of the building. Internal pressures can be positive or negative depending upon the relative size and location of roof or wall openings in connection with wind direction. External pressures will be positive on windward wall doors, and negative on doors located on leeward and side walls. This combination of internal and external pressures causes wind forces that can damage overhead roller and sectional doors. Here are a couple of the problems you might run into as a result of strong winds:

  • Guides failing: This is a common failure due to wind damage. The guides are generally attached to the door frame with metal fasteners but separate in the damaged state. Failure can occur in the fasteners, the guide, or the door frame. It is also possible for the guides to deform so much that they no longer restrain the door.
  • Door frame failure: This happens if the door frame is not an integral part of the building structure. If the building structure was designed to withstand anticipated high wind forces effectively, but the door frame is not attached bending or dislodging of the frame can occur.
  • Door dislodging from guides: This is the most common cause of failure for roller doors. At first, these doors can deflect a large amount of wind. However, the door span gets shortened due to this deflection resulting in the doors disengaging from their side supports, and ultimately getting blown in or out.

In places such as Florida, or other places where hurricanes can cause bad weather conditions, ordinances are put in place which state minimum requirements for garage doors and buildings to ensure they can withstand wind forces. Even so, nature’s fury can be harsh, and damage can occur. Pressure from hurricane activity or high winds can cause garage doors to detach from their tracks or even collapse. Damaging, life-threatening winds can enter, blowing out doors, windows, walls, and even the roof of your house.

Additionally, exterior debris, such as roofing materials and siding, broken tree limbs, and signs can put lives in jeopardy. You need your garage door to protect you from hurricanes, high-wind damage, internal and external pressure changes, and wind-borne debris. A reputable garage door repair company can help you to quickly fix your garage door in the event of damage.

Garage Door Pros to the Rescue!

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