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garage door repair plantationYour garage door is probably not the first part of the home that comes to mind when you’re considering a home improvement. After all, garage doors can last years without causing issues, even with negligible maintenance.

Unfortunately, this is one of the reasons we frequently forget them when it comes to home upgrades. Besides curb appeal, an upgraded garage door provides excellent functionality and proper security. On the other hand, an aging one will probably malfunction and could pose a safety hazard.

An old garage door isn’t merely an inconvenience. It can pose a threat to your family and property. That’s why it’s imperative you contact garage door repair plantation to avoid further damage. Here’s why you should repair an aging garage door.

Damaged Springs

For the garage door to operate accordingly, the springs should be able to handle considerable tension. Even the lightest door can prove hazardous when the springs yield and it comes crashing down. These days, garage doors weigh as much as $300 pounds or more.

Such a door could cause serious injury or damage your vehicle. Remember, if a spring snaps, the door’s entire weight could slam down on anybody or anything underneath it. It’s also important to note that an aging door could get stuck on its tracks, leaving your property susceptible while you’re away.

Remember, the garage door is your home’s entryway and it’s imperative you ensure its security as you would the front door.

The same will probably happen in the event that you try to repair the damaged springs by yourself. You’re better off contacting our garage door repair company for professional services.

Outdated Technology and Defects

If your door opener is older, you might have to upgrade. After all, new technology can hinder older systems constructed in 1993 or before. The Consumer Products Safety Commission requires every garage door to be outfitted with sensors to overturn direction if there’s something beneath the door.

Your aging garage door might lack this technology. Moreover, newer systems can disrupt older systems, which are susceptible to malfunction. If you have an older model, we recommend you contact an expert from garage door service plantation to help you establish the duration in which your existing door will last and what the safest substitute will be.

Wear and Tear

Similar to any machine, a garage door will sustain wear and tear over time. Additionally, they become looser and easier to open. Consider replacing an old door after 10-12 years to prevent burglars from breaking in.

Once you keep an eye on the door and its status, you can nip any likely issues in the bud. The ideal solution to several of the issues that arise from the common wear and tear is simple door replacement.


plantation garage door serviceNew door models have a set of security features that make a home virtually impenetrable from the garage. This is because security is the major concern if you’re in the market for a substitute door.

You must also think about substituting your garage door if it doesn’t have some of the contemporary security features. It might cost you more than you expected but you’d rather be safe than sorry.


Garage doors face element exposure, which wears the metal over time. Keep in mind that rust can hasten this wearing. Moreover, a door with rusty components is a disaster waiting to take place. You might have taken the best measures to lubricate it but similar to any metallic system, you must anticipate degrading with time. While lubricant prolongs your door’s life, it ultimately falls apart with age.

Your garage door is your home’s biggest entrance. Therefore, you should ensure it’s functioning properly. If you believe your door is aging or requires some repairs, contact plantation garage door service. Trust your gut.

If your door starts making strange noises or acts differently, an impending problem might be the case. It’s important you investigate and observe your door at least once yearly. Examine the rollers, bolts, and springs to ensure they don’t appear too worn. You must lubricate every moving part at least once yearly.