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Are you in need to make your garage door quieter? Are you tired of waking up your family, over-night guests of friends and neighbors? Tired of setting off the endless barking dogs around your neighborhood every time you open and close your garage door? Well, we know how frustrating it can trust us! If your garage is attached to your home, a squeaky, creaky and rattling garage door can be very annoying.

We know there is nothing more important in your home than making sure your garage door is secured and functioning properly. We can help you our garage door repair company can fix any problem your garage is having. In many cases, the garage door serves as the primary entrance to your home, and for this reason, it will benefit to make sure that is not only working order, but it is secure. We will provide tips to help you have a quieter garage door for your home.

Regular Garage Door Maintenance

garage door tune-upThe easiest thing that will improve the noise level of your garage door operation is routine preventative maintenance such as our specialized garage door tune-up service. However, there are some things you can do yourself but we suggest you that you don’t handle it by yourself call in a professional.

WARNINGS: Do NOT attempt to adjust any nuts or bolts on the springs, end bearings, or drums. Please call a professional garage door service in Hollywood as these parts are under tremendous tension and can cause serious injury. Never loosen or remove any hinges on the door, especially the bottom one.

  • Check that all nuts and bolts on the track assembly are tightened.
  • Check that all hinges on the door are free of cracks or tears and are snug to the door.
  • Ensure rollers on the door are rolling, not sliding, along as the door moves.
  • Lubricate the hinges, springs, bearings, and metal rollers with a garage door lubricant as shown in the picture at right. (If it is made of metal and moves with the door, it needs to be lubricated.)
  • If you have a screwdriver opener, apply some low temp grease directly to the screw that runs along the center of the rail of the opener. If it is a chain drive garage door opener, make sure the chain is not sagging and rubbing against the rail as the opener moves the door.

The above should be done 1- 2 times per year to prevent problems and prematurely worn parts. If it has been more than a couple years since this has been done on your door, simple lubrication may not result in sufficient noise reduction without replacing worn parts.

Upgrade to a Quieter Belt Drive Opener to Make Your Garage Door Quieter

Belt drive garage door openers are quieter than both chain and screw-drive type openers. Unless you have a heavy wood or wood overlay door requiring a heavy-duty type of garage door opener, a belt drive is an affordable, effective option to make your garage door quieter and more reliable. Be careful of choosing the big box store consumer type garage door opener models. Even though they are belt drives, the rails usually come in 3 sections. The multi-section rail can result in the rail flexing excessively and be creating more noise while operating. That excessive flexing can shorten the life of the opener as well as make the garage door loud.

Why Call Us for Same Day Repairs?

Whether you have a little rust or you just need to make your garage door quieter that needs to be replaced, call Hollywood garage door service. We can thoroughly evaluate your case to find the right answers. Then we provide estimates for your Hollywood garage door repair and let you make the decision. Garage Door Repair Hollywood get the job done quickly and do it right the first time. This way, you don’t have to keep calling us back, nor will you look for another repair company.

We put quality first in our garage door maintenance and repair services. Our priority is to make sure things get done the right way. Then we can give you the appropriate pricing for the services you’re getting. If you have an emergency, you can count on professionals to be at your door sooner.

Call in Our Professional Hollywood Garage Door Repair Team

Even if you are into DIY, garage doors can be quite dangerous to work on. Garage doors are heavy and complicated. Without experience working on these doors, you can get hurt quite seriously. If you know that you cannot fix the problem yourself or don’t even want to attempt the repair, you will want to call in the professionals who are experienced in these repairs.