The Importance of Garage Door Maintenance in Weston

The comfort of your home can be greatly attributed to the security and various uses of your garage. You can use it for sheltering transportation, storing keepsakes, and have the option of converting it into work space or another living area such as a Man cave or Laundry room. It can also become a vulnerable point of access to your home and your wallet if not maintained properly.

Tips to Care for you Weston Garage Door Installation

Garage Door repair company in WestonMaintaining proper upkeep of your garage door installation can save you time and money in terms of repairs. Allow a reputable Garage Door repair company in Weston to provide a few basic maintenance tasks and preventative measures you can take to expand its life span.

1. Be Observant

Paying attention to the performance of your garage door during your daily use is one of the most important steps. Listening for any strange noises or looking for any faults during use can help you avoid doing long term damage that would cause a need for replacement. Does it stick upon opening or closing? Does it falter when closing only to reverse or do you hear it making an awful noise? Do both sides of the system (springs, pulleys and cables) look aligned?

2. Pick up the Socket Wrench

On average, your garage door is opened and closed more than a thousand times. With that amount of constant movement and frequent vibrations, you’re sure to loosen some screws. Take a close look and adjust the necessary roller brackets and bolts with a socket wrench.

3. Balance Test

An unbalanced Garage door cannot function properly, takes too long to respond to door clicker, and has a very short life span.

Usually installed with a red lever, you can disconnect the Garage door from the electronic opener; having pulled this lever, you may now open the door manually. We suggest trying to do so slightly. Wait to see if it will not stay put. If not, your counterweight system (springs) are improperly balanced. The adjustments of such springs are best left to experienced Weston Garage door repair specialist.

4. Examine and Exchange Garage Rollers

It is recommended that your Garage door rollers, Nylon or steel, be examined twice a year and later replaced every seven years or so depending upon how often it is in use.

If you find defects upon examination, replace the rollers immediately. This can easily be done by removing and reinstalling any roller brackets that do not come directly attached to the cable system.

5. Swap out the Weather Stripping

There will come a point when the weather stripping will become naturally worn and brittle. It is crucial that you replace it as soon as possible to keep out any harmful elements. Sold by the foot in all Hardware stores, simply measure and cut to fit into the grooves located within the Garage door.

6. Lubricate the joints

To keep your Garage moving precisely as it did the date of installation, be sure to invest time in lubricating its joints. This is the best measure to take, only requiring ten minutes, and extending your Garage doors life span a few more years! Invest in a small container of white lithium grease, which can be used on the opener’s chain or screw, and to coat the overhead springs try a spray lubricant, which can be bought at your hardware store.

7. Inspect your Garage Door Cables

These high tension cables used to life your Garage door should never be tampered with; however, you should at least look them over once in a while so that you can call an experienced Garage Door repair company before these cables malfunction. Such defects could cause the door to open or close too quickly, or cause the door to suddenly drop which could lead to injury. Be on the lookout for defects such as broken strands and damage near the lower roller bracket.

8. Test Auto-Reverse Safety Features

Weston Garage door repair specialistYour Weston garage door installation comes with two safety features: mechanical and photocell. The mechanical feature applies to something physically stopping the garage doors path causing it to reverse. To test this feature, place a plank piece of wood in the path of the door. When impact is made with the door, it should automatically reverse itself. The Latter safety feature, the photoelectric system located inside the garage door, should be triggered by simply blocking the sensors connection; try using your hand or pants leg. The garage door should automatically reverse itself.

Garage Door Installations dating back more than twenty years will lack such features and are often manually operated – if this happens to be you, we suggest a new model installation.

9. Clean Garage Door Tracks

Be sure to clear your Garage doors tracks of any build up debris. Any other adjustments to the tracks should be done so by garage door repair companies.

10. Clean and Care for Your Garage Door

Remember to take good care of the door itself. Depending on structure materials you, you will need to be aware of signs of potential water damage and warp, even the potential chipping of paint. Steel doors occasionally need sanding, to be primed and painted. Be sure to wash your garage door and to use a mild detergent when you do so.

Benefits of Properly Maintained Garage Door Installation

Maintaining your Weston Garage Door installation can save you time and money. You will spend significantly less of routine maintenance then you would for repairs or a new garage installation in Weston.

There are very few repairs or malfunctions that can’t be avoided if you have properly maintained your garage door installation. By scheduling routine maintenance checks with your local Weston Garage Door Installation company, you can extend its life span.