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Someone once said the eyes are the window to the human soul. Perhaps the garage is the barometer of any household. Just as clothes, accessories, and grooming reflect the outward person while the eyes tell if the person is happy and healthy, so the public areas of a home, may appear inviting and comfortable, but the garage will reveal what really goes on in the household.

The household priorities become obvious

Expensive and inexpensive sports equipment can occupy its space. One of every toy manufactured in the last decade can fill its square feet. Furniture or other household cast-offs intended to be donated to an organization that can get them to those who need them that have waited so long they have gathered layers of dust and good intentions take up residence. Gardening equipment the envy of any landscaping entrepreneur? A vintage automobile? Or a woodworker’s paradise?

garage door repair Plantation

Is the garage attached to where you live clean?

Are its contents valuable items well stored and well protected in a garage that is well cared for? Or, are its contents useless refuse strewn haphazardly or piled here and there, all better to be loaded for the landfill?

Here at Garage Door Pros, we recognize that garage doors are a lot like one’s health. People tend to think about their health mostly when they feel ill or do not look well. People tend to not think about garage door “health” and maintenance until something happens.

Not to overstate the obvious, but we all know the perils of procrastination and the rewards of early detection of problems whether the question involves our health or home. Sure, maintenance and repair mean cost incurred by the customer but we at garage door repair Plantation are convinced of the wisdom in the old sage that an ounce of prevention is more valuable than a pound of cure. Restated for the Metric-minded, a gram of prevention is worth more than a kilogram of cure.

A broken or malfunctioning garage door can present any number of threats. Curb appeal loss is one. A neighborhood with even one or two garage doors in need of repair can jeopardize a home sale or the asking price. That kind of attention from neighbors is certainly not what we would choose for our customers here in Plantation and the surrounding counties of Broward, Dade, and Palm Beach.

Unfortunately, neither do we live in a bubble and remain unaware how infuriating gossips can be who ask, not because they do not know and really want to know, but because they want to see if what a person says coincides with what has already been heard. Broken doors can invite meddlesome voyeurs.

Garage Door Repair in Palm BeachOne can also be an open invitation to a thief. The notion seems inconceivable to us too but there are people who would notice a set of golf clubs through a broken garage door and simply help themselves. Not only that, broken doors can be costly if there were to be an illegal, forced entry and an insurance claim filed. An adjuster can often determine if there is a preexisting condition in a garage door damaged from a burglary.

Another unwanted threat resulting from a neglected garage door is miscreants and other living creatures. We do not want our customers stepping into the garage in the morning to an unknown canine bearing its teeth or to a freshly detailed vehicle with paw prints across the top and hood. Neither do we want them to deal with any number of possible reptile encounters. The annoyance of the need for clean up of any organic residue of these uninvited guests is a given.

Have we persuaded you yet? Check our business license. We are not a non-profit organization so, of course, revenue generation is our “raison d’être” here at Garage Door Pros but our attitude about how well we do our job makes every difference.

Any garage door company can give an estimate, some free, some not. Knowing what is needed will help you evaluate options and make the best choice for your garage doorkeeper. Phone us when you are ready.