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garage door repair Fort LauderdaleThese days, Do It Yourself (DIY) projects have become quite trendy. Household makeovers and art endeavors done at home are popular. In addition to that bathroom renovation, the living room transformation, and the pallet furniture on the back deck, why not resurface and repaint your garage door, too? Your garage door is an important part of your home, playing a huge role in not only the protection of your home but also the appearance of your house.

First, be sure your garage door is strong – if it is going to keep out pests and burglars, it must be durable. Most garage doors are made of steel, aluminum, wood, fiberglass, or vinyl. Some of these materials are easier to refinish than others.

To begin, regardless of material, the garage door will need to be washed off. Power washing is the best way but a hose or a bucket of clean water and a clean rag will work to get the dirt and grime off so the paint can adhere correctly and does not look textured and worn. Once you have washed both sides, allow the door to air dry completely.

If the door is steel or aluminum, use high-quality latex exterior house paint. Metal is temperamental so remember to never paint metal doors in very hot, cold or wet weather as metal and alloy shift and expand depending on the temperature – this will not only prevent the paint from properly drying, but it could look cracked or faded once dry.

If the garage door is made of wood, it should be sanded first with a sanding block (since it’s only a garage door, it does not have to be sanded perfectly even), just enough to remove any dirt. Wash the sawdust off with a rag before applying a primer. Add a layer of exterior paint to the primer with a paintbrush or roller. Once that layer is dry, feel free to add a second coat.
If your door has experienced difficulties or is damaged the Fort Lauderdale garage door service is here to help.

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Our working hours 7 days of the week are 7:00 a.m. – 12:00 a.m. But what if your garage door stops working in the wee hours of the morning or refuses to go up on the weekend? Thankfully, the garage door repair Fort Lauderdale has a 24/7 call assistance center and offers emergency services.

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garage door repair Fort LauderdaleProud to serve the wonderful community of South Florida since 2012, we are a family-owned business and are one of the leading garage door companies with one of the lowest costs. Your full satisfaction is our goal. We promise to explain every step of the process to you in terms easily understood. With us, there are no tricks or surprises.

Besides coming to your aid to fix any issues you may have, we are also dedicated to maintaining and installing quality garage doors. Just like anything else, maintenance is required to keep everything in proper working order. Here at the garage door repair company, we offer tune-ups and regular upkeep to ensure that you do not get caught in a bad situation.

Garage doors are heavy and can be quite dangerous if not handled correctly. Please wait for a professional member of our team to arrive and inspect the scene before rushing in and trying to fix it yourself or attempting to install a new garage door. Our staff is trained and well-equipped to handle anything, and we do not want anyone to get hurt. Safety is the name of our game. From the beginning to end, we have everything taken care of.