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No matter how well you take care of your garage and garage door, sometimes there are going to be problems. Whether it’s mechanical failure or accident, you’re going to need some repairs done. The first thing you’re going to do is talk to your home insurance, to get the repairs covered. However, sometimes homeowners are dismayed to find their incident isn’t covered at all. What will insurance cover when it comes to your garage?

Check The Insurance Before Signing On

Garage Door Repair in Sunrise FloridaBefore you even take out that homeowner’s insurance, you’ll want to check that your garage is included. That sounds rather ridiculous, as your garage is part of your home right? That means it must be insured under your policy? You would be surprised. Some companies won’t cover a garage that isn’t attached to your house, for example, as it isn’t technically part of the home.

This is why you need to read the details carefully before signing on the dotted line. Be sure that your policy will cover you if there’s an incident with your garage. You don’t want to be left out of pocket if the worst happens.

Garage Door Crash Incidents

The most common accident your garage door will face is when a car is crashed into it. It could be anyone who does this. Visitors with their cars who aren’t familiar with your garage, teenagers learning to drive who haven’t learned how to gauge distance yet, and even yourself when you’re having a bad day. Before you know it, you’ve driven the car into the garage door and now there’s damage that needs repairing.

In most cases, it won’t be homeowner’s insurance that deals with this, it’ll be the car insurance. If it’s a friend that caused the damage, their liability cover should handle the payout. If it’s your car or a child’s car that does this, then your own insurance can handle it. Be aware though, you’re going to need a comprehensive policy if you want to get any help with the repairs.

Storm Or Fire Damage To Your Garage

You won’t want to think about it, but fire damage is a real threat to your home. That includes your garage. Fire rarely sticks to one part of the home and can spread to your garage quickly. Storm damage is another real threat. High winds can blow debris into your door, or hail can hit it hard, leaving it dented and even broken.

In these cases, it is possible to claim for the damage caused on your homeowner’s insurance. This is why you need to ensure you have the proper insurance before you buy it, to ensure it will cover you correctly. They should give you the cash you need to call in a garage door repair Tamarac to fix the damage.

Garage Maintenance Issues

Like all things in your home, your garage door will eventually need some maintenance and repairs to keep it working optimally. Many homeowners have called their insurance to see if they can get help with these repairs, only to find they’re not covered.

This is because most large-scale repair jobs can be avoided with proper maintenance. You’re expected as a homeowner to keep an eye on your garage door, and look into smaller repairs as and when they need doing.

If you’re not sure about garage door repairs, it’s best to ask a garage door repair company to come and check it out for you. Having them in to do an inspection can save you a lot more money in the long run. They’ll check all the moving parts, replace anything that needs to be replaced, keeping it moving for a long time to come.

Stay Prepared

The key to keeping your garage covered is to buy the right insurance, checking it carefully before you pay up for it. If you do this, you can be sure that you’re covered if the worst happens.

The insurance policy you claim on will depend on what’s happened to your door. Now, you should know who to call if a car crashes into the door, or hail comes and dents it. Be prepared, and you’ll be covered for any eventuality.